Plant has spots

Just Calibrated my probe hopefully this helps but my plant seem to be droopy and has brown spots on it. Please help. Stage 2 day 24 Early Vegetation day 14 of 14

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If everything calibrated fine and your nutes are not getting kinked up. The humidity/temp need to be where they should, watch your new growth and if fine trim of the bottom damaged leaves. They won’t heal themselves…


If your calibration is off, it can harm your plant :seedling: good thing you caught it in time. I went 40 days on my second grow before I realized and lost my plant!

Current nutrient bottle level

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That’s what my bottles looked like during my second grow. I screwed up the sensors after my first cleaning and did not calibrate correct and wasn’t feeling well at the time, by the time I caught it, my plant fell over. Bottles 1 and 2 were almost gone…

Yea I just calibrated today so hopefully it gets better.

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It should…:sunglasses:

You should be good now you calibrated


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I am having the same thing happen. The new growth looks good but the under growth is spotting. I am on day 2 of late veg. Probe is healthy, Ph is spot on, Temp and RH are perfect. Roots look good. I am working with the support team to figure this out.