Orions’ Northern Lights

Thanks, Aang! I appreciate your advice.

I only exposed them when I took the pic and changed the water manually. I don’t prefer to expose them.

Although, they look healthy and there are new root chutes emerging from the pod now.

I don’t want to damage them, but I do like taking peeks and taking pictures. I take them with flash off and brightness/exposure up.


I tried this coco pod technique with my noob seed :green_heart::v:t3:

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Pic of the tent from a few days ago. Will have a bunch more posts up tonight, need advice as to best techniques for flipping these ladies into flower.


You have some good :relieved: game when it comes to picking out seeds! @OrionsCeiling on left, my choice on right. :green_heart::pray:t2::v:t3:


That’s so awesome @Fluffhead ! Looking great :grin:


Back again with another update, Day 9

A fair amount of discoloration is on the leaves. This could be due to the fact that i filled the reservoir manually last time. #grobo-support I do not think my nutrient bottles have dispensed since the last res change. I’ll change again in a few hours using the system to make sure there’s no problems with my unit. If nothing changes I will put in a ticket.

I pushed my coco pod 1/4” further into the res, hopefully it helps her stand up straight! She’s really growing well all around!

Any help with this discoloration would be great, thank you!


Okay, I never changed the water last night, but I added 4mLs Cal/Mag and 4mL veg solution to the res instead.

Good news is, the deficiency hasn’t continued. I’ll remove more of the effected leaves once the plant is more established.


Nutes don’t dispense until day 10 or 11. yyou may run into some nute burn now since you manually added and they will add automatically the first time.


Thanks @FireGuy I’ll go ahead and change the res tonight. Thanks for that, I’m obviously very eager…

Maybe no training for a while to let her rest up? :woman_shrugging:t2::green_heart::+1:t3::v:t3:


I agree, leave the leaves until they die. They won’t hurt the plant, but you don’t want to shock her any further. Let her recover and get her under control before any lst or defoliation.


New water change with the distilled water for babies from Walmart today, everything went well! No problems with sensors or anything.
Nutes dispensed and the plant looks good, it’s leaning over but I propped it up with a metal cable from Grobo.

Hearty and teeeny!


if she’s leaning, check the pod where the stem meets it. just make sure the stalk looks strong and isn’t brown or constricting.


I’ve been focusing on it. Trying to keep the pod as dry as possible. Added a small fan to help air circulate and dry the pod, I pressed it with a paper towel to help dry it out, I’ll keep tabs on it as time goes on.
If all else fails, I’ll try the McDonald’s straw trick I have seen around on here.
Thanks so much for your continued advice @FireGuy


Last day of Early Veg! Just gonna let her go go go…


Changed water today, 2.2 gal Distilled H2O
5.5mL Orca
2mL Silica to help with dampening off. My coco pod is super duper moist. Should I swap my grow? I have some blue cheese photo fems I’m itching to pot, but this one looks happy for now except for the spots.
I don’t think I have any need for concern, but the spots are spreading. Could it be cal-mag toxicity? My last feed I added cal-mag but didn’t realize the Grobo supplements already.


How is the stem doing? Any signs of damping off? Can you post a picture of the stem where it meets the cocopod?


@miami5th here are stem pictures I took this afternoon after water change 14hrs ago…

And here are the pics of the dying and spots on the leaves. I don’t recall seeing this before but other than that, the new growth looks healthy…


Looking good! Thanks!


Hey there… are you sure your #5 bottle has been dispensing properly ?

This looks spot on to a Calcium deficiency, one of the most accurate depictions I’ve seen on AG compared to the pics:

Orange tips and burnt orange spots.

If your bottle #5 has been dispensing, you may potentially do a pH health check and make sure it’s calibrated. Maybe Calcium isn’t available if the pH reading is too high, but others like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and Magnesium are? Just spit balling.


Just keep an eye on the spots though… make sure they aren’t progressing any worse or further up and you should be fine either way! I would still possibly investigate though, as I haven’t had a deficiency show up this bad in both my grows yet, knock on wood… only a few tiny little spots barely visible in pics.