Orions’ Northern Lights

Not incredibly practiced with this strain but I’m aware of how robust and forgiving she is. Day 2 and she’s off to a beautiful start!

Germinated for ~48hrs prior to planting. Took the liberty of removing the seed cap during planting in the pod yesterday. Hopefully this pheno holds out to be as strong as she looks!




She’s in a hurry! That’s awesome I


:clap: She is a robust one!


I was thinking about trying this one next. It’s an auto though. No experience with those. Got 5 pack of seeds from Canuk. I’m so EXCITE (Borat voice).


Pop them! @Fluffhead I am not practiced with autos either. This one is a photo I’m 98% positive. I have three others from the same batch planted at the moment. Two in a tent and one outside. The difference between them is hilarious I’ll post pics soon. Either way, they’re all still in veg and it’s been well over a month. Heavy LST on one of the phenos and she’s looking amazing. It appears that the more you beat up and neglect this strain the more she gives you. Kinda messed up imho but I don’t judge :joy::joy:


You got it! Which seed shall I name for you? 1-5? “O.R.’s Northern”


The middle one looks great! Excited to watch your grow too!


Started her in the black magic machine.
That’s an Afghan Auto seedling :seedling: in the middle. :v:t3:

Looking forward to doing one in the grobo when Fluffhead is harvested!


Wow! I’m honored!! So psyched to see how it goes, good luck!


Day 5 Tapped and Healthy!

Added air stones (2 small ones) to res. My unit’s air stone has stopped unexpectedly prior so I figured the added Oxygen wouldn’t hurt.


I’m excited to have you all watch me grow, again, successfully this time.

Just some background

Okay, Here’s my basic info on myself as a user of the Grobo. I’ve had it since June and my last plant died after I improperly calibrated my pH probe and locked it out, refer back here. So, I’ve been working with nothing to show for it except that I now know how to calibrate a pH probe really well, as I’ve done it multiple times, and I have plenty of Cal-Mag on hand :laughing:. I’m planning on simply LST’ing this girl as my last one didn’t go so well…
Of course, this strain isn’t all too weak as far as I’m aware, she seems robust as all hell! Hope she grows to be everything and more.

Great Vibes Only over here :sunny::herb:


I’ve never used airstones before. But would like to learn more. Is the coco :coconut: pod sticking out about an inch on the top :top:?

PS - you totally picked the right seed! Shot right up, the other is just showing :seedling:


Whoa whoa! What a great looking pop. I love the absolute lack of fucks given by this strain. Grows no matter what!!

Yes, Coco pod is sticking up out of the top. I’ve found that when the pod is all the way flush with the top it gets too wet. The bottom is able to wick from the res and it’s too wet and drowns the seed.

When it sticks out like this, the seed stays moist but not wet and I find it germinates better. The roots also tapped way better this way! I’m psyched


Day 9:
I checked her today around 4:30p to find the light had been off. Not sure why it was off, but I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in. No dice. I found that to be really weird that it stayed off. I saved the light settings and it went on, sometimes the air pump turns off, I imagine the outlet I had it plugged into pulled too much from the power cord.

I plugged it directly into the wall. Bizarre.

She looks great even still!

Now for these roots on day 9 of germ

Nutes look pretty good too. Kinda hard to see the lines w/o flash. Will fix in future pics



Root looks great!! Yay!! I caught the light not working two times on mine. Shut down, waited a bit, restarted and it came back on. I guess that’s known as a “power cycle”. Was a software glitch, never have seen it happen again. Great :+1:t3: looking!


Looks great!, yeah, I’ve already been planning my strategy for starting my next grow with the coco pod already up some!


Early Veg day 2/14

Back again, looking super happy.
Burnt tips on first set of false leaves, but this is normal with the Grobo in my findings. Going to remove tubes from bottles 3,4,5 next grow during week 1

More chutes poking out from the coco pod, leads me to believe it’s healthy and content!

Worried about these roots tangling up but I gently separate them every now and then. The water does a better job. Thoughts?
Cotyledons beginning to go dark green while the rest of the plant brightens up, looking on schedule.

Pod is still popping out 1/2” but it is moist. Roots are wicking extremely well, I may add a plastic bottle to surround the seedling to increase humidity.
Might help with VPD in the Grobo, but I’m not too worried about it.

Love all of your feedback. Thanks!


Hoping someone can help answer this - is it ok to touch the roots?


I would leave them alone