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Hi folks,

Sorry to bother you all with such nubbie questions. I planted Hindu Kush during the last week in July in the British Isles. They grew strong and quickly but the buds appear to be tiny. For the past three weeks I have moved them in doors as the weather is cold and wet here now. I was wondering should I wait another week or three before harvesting or do you think it will make much difference. I am going to include a photo of the biggest buds. Any helps would be so appreciated.

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No need to be sorry for asking questions. I Would need to know a lot more about your grow and the environment.

Did you flush before you moved to flower?

What type of lighting are you utilizing?

Assuming you’re 12/12 now and in soil- when did you move to flower? What week of flower is this? Doesn’t appear to have any trichomes yet

What’s your rH like? In flower 30-50% is ideal. Anything above 60% is going to result in a poor yield and small buds

By the looks of that plant by the pic it is not close to harvest. Your leaves haven’t started to yellow or brown meaning the buds have not used them up yet.

What nutrients are you feeding?

Supplementing sugars of anything else?

A quick google search as I’ve never grown this strain would suggest your plant should look a lot more like this when ready to harvest

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Looks like another 45 days or more to me but needs some better lighting. Looks sun starved

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Hi James,

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I didn’t flush. Now not using any lighting just natural light and leave the lights on // take outside when sunny. Not using any feed. And not so sure what you mean by sugars. Was looking at buying a lamp but not sure if I should. Any advice really appreciated. Reckon it will take me a few tries. Thanks so much this means a lot to me.

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Thanks so much for your help.

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I brought in 2 plants from outside last year in their pots. With essentially only watering to them they did finish growing in flower stage albeit much less dense then in the grobo. A few others might have more elaborate options hehe

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