New to Grobro - My 1st Grow

Hi Grow Family,

I just received my box, unpacked it, and completed the setup. While unpacking I found a cylinder screen just rolling around in the reservoir that I have no idea where it goes. I have added a pic. Also, is the nutrient platform supposed to be angled down on the left or level? My #1 bottle sits low and #5 sits high.

My 1st grow will be Purple Haze. My concern is, my setup is in the garage, and I hope it will not get too hot in there since summer is coming. Can I just put ice in the reservoir to control temps? Do I need to to put additional fans inside the box? If do, you all have recommended ones that I should get?

Thanks for listening and I appreciate any and all help provided.



Is to prevent roots from going in to your water exit line one way to find out start filling grobo the one not feeling up it goes on that one sticking in like a straw hose in the hole and that’s it


Hy You put the filter on the black hose. Suction filter the second hose is for filling as you don’t need one.
Second, the bottles should be the same height. Usually.
Third, water temperature should be below 20 ° C. I take cooling bags or plastic bottles out of the freezer. The air pump draws in heat from the outside air and heats the water.


I’m new like you, on day 10.

I just got some ac infinity s3-p fans for in my boxes, they was recommended and are working great :+1:t2:


Great info! I recently also received my unit and I have the same exact problem with the nutrient platform.
Is it really something wrong? Can anybody help?
It’s simply angle down from left to right on which bottle number one it’s almost not even on the slot and bottle five it’s all the way down.



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Hi Chris, I submitted an ticket to support and they sent me a pdf on how to fix the nutrients platform.


Did you fix it? Was it easy?

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I haven’t yet. It looks pretty easy. The pdf instructions look pretty easy to take off the side panel and put the platform back into place. I will try to post the info.

Here is a picture of what needs to be fixed. Look at the yellow highlighted circle. I can’t seem to attach the PDF in here on how to remove the side panel. If I can’t figure it out you may need to put in a support ticket.


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I can’t seem to attach the PDF. Contact support for them to send it to you. All in all you will need to remove some screws from the back panel and the side panel to remove the side panel and expose what you see above.

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My nutrient tray was down on the left side to I thought it was because the miss handling while shipping I think it popped out of a slot I am wondering if you can pull it up will it click back into place


Mine down on the left side too but the platform doesn’t move. Support sent me a PDF on how to take off the back and side panels to fix it. You will need to reach out to Support for the PDF. It seems fairly simple.


They sent me the pictures to but I am in the middle of my grow and it is working fine so I’m not going to worry about it too much I have a Bruce Banner feminized it seems to be growing slow I trimmed a few fan leaves off the bottom and then topped it I might have cut the top a little too low hopefully it will all recover


What are those blue and black lines in the background?

I have two fans in the box USB fans


I also have a tank cooler and a humidifier in the room not pointing at the Grobo machine and use an air conditioner with ceiling fan to try to keep the temperature and humidity under control

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If your room is cool enough you won’t need the humidifier or ac but like I said depending on where the unit is

I adjust according to the humidity temperature in the box and the water temperature is taken care of by the tank cooler

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