New Free Drain Filter, Now in Store!

Hey Grobo Growers!

We’ve added a new item to both the Grobo Premium and the Grobo Solid in production, a new drain filter!

Now existing customers can get one too when you place your next order. Simply add the drain filter to your cart, then use the code: Free Drain Filter to get your discount. Here you can see I’m buying a support rack and have added the drain filter.

This will help keep those roots and cocopod bits away from your drain pump. One per order, if you have multiple Grobo units, just let me know and I’ll make a custom order for you.

Happy draining/filling everyone!



Everyone will want to know how hard it will be to have it installed and where, will there be a video?


Also, this can go on the model before the two premium ones? The one I have is a little over a year old

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Fits all Grobo units


You the man!!!

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Very nice. How much longer until a better, long-lasting remedy for the smell is available? And I don’t mean masking.

Do we have to pay for shipping if that’s the only item we get?

I tried the discount code while purchasing nutrients and it gave an error “not valid with item.” Does a price point need to be met?

Do we need to do this after a grow or can it be done after a drain and before the fill?

I just ordered some supplies (#3, 4, 5 bottles) and the code worked. Thanks!

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I wont be ordering anything for a while I just got an order of nutrients for this grow. How long will the code be good for? Is there a way to get one without placing an order.


I could have used one of these.

My unit wont drain as a result, seems like something got clogged in it.

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I’m in the same boat, I just ordered enough nutrients for a year over a week ago! I wish I had known then because shipping is on the high Side!

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Yes, I’d combine it with another order.

No, should be good with any item you put into your cart. Are you still having this issue?

You can do it with a drain/fill. Easy install, just slide it onto the longest tube in the tank!

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We will keep this product on the store for a while, so your next order is the best bet.

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Email me at and we can get you fixed up.

Thanks Stephen. Support literally just got done helping me out, they have sent new drain pump, and included a filter, so future occurrences like this hopefully don’t happen

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Lol, that was me my friend.

I don’t have everyone’s name + AG name figured out yet, working with a small hard drive upstairs. :wink:

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