New to Forum, Not New to Growing

Hi everyone. I am a fellow grower, but not a fellow Grobo users. I have some friends on here and I thought I would pop over here because it sounds like some people are having some issues with very basic concepts on this forum, and, maybe because they haven’t had to design and set up their own system, may not be able to really troubleshoot as well as they could having done a manual set up.

Basically, I joined to see if I can be of any help.

To give you an idea my grow set up, I have two tents set up. I run two RDWC systems with a 5 gal site and a 5 gal reservoir for each system. I’m running a Spiderfarm SP2000 light in each tent with a water chiller attached to both. I am also running a 6 inch Cloudline fan in each with a 6 inch carbon air filter. I run one air pump with a manifold and 2 lines coming off, one going to each of the two systems’ air stones. Each has it’s own humidifier and dehumidifier.

the Nutrients system I use is General Hydroponics Flora series with the additives they suggest with the Flora series.

I’m looking forward to seeing if I can help anyone out here.


Lots of people start in grobo and move to the tents or floraflex system, youll be needed!


Yeah, I think I’m beginning to see why. Two things.

Airflow. You need to get air on the base of those stems. From what I’m seeing, the Grobo doesn’t have very good airflow at that level, and this will cause a lot of problems with dampening off.

Moisture: Those cocoa pods are WAY too wet after the seed germinates. Once mine germinate, I drop the water levels so the roots barely get sprinkled with the aerated water and NONE gets on the pod. I check my cocoa pod ever few hours and Press on the top of it to squeeze out any water I can. I usually have to do this until the root ball is big enough to block the water from splashing higher.

I think those two things can be addressed, most will have successful grows.


Most add mini fans.
My temps are higher than Angie znd i never get root rot and hydroguard is not available here. There are always ways around those challenges but i agree that these are 2 high areas for problems and looks like grobo is making incoming changes to help with this
What are you growing atm friend?


This is my California Dream - Week 6

This is my Critical Mass AF - Week 3


Yeah, my buddy added a few fans to his and it really seemed to help out. I had dampening off issues before I added fans. I noticed it starting and as soon as I put air on it, it cleared up. of course, I also pressed the water out of the cocoa pod and dropped the water level.

The thing I learned is, the only time the cocoa pod should be wet, is during germination. After that, the leaves absorb the water until the roots can, so the pod needs to dry out at that point.

To give you and idea, I have a 5 gal bucket as my grow site. It is connected to a second 5 gal bucket. That is a total of 10 gals plus probably another gal for the chiller loop and tubing. After germination, as soon as the tap root emerged from the bottom of the net basket, I dropped the water level to about 4-5 gals. That set the water level low enough that the root got sprayed with the blubbles, but kept the pod from soaking up the water so the stalk stayed dry.

I try to make sure the roots have a small droplet of water on the tips, that way I know it’s getting enough. Eventually the roots will grow into the water, and as the root ball forms, the water can’t get to the pod, so you can actually add more water to the system without problem at that point.


Tbh i think thats why grobo is changing or adding in new methods to germinate. Likely a main cause or issue for all users


Yeah, I saw the new lid/basket set up and it looks like a much better set up. Still concerned with the air flow issue. That bottom fan is too high off the lid/bottom of the grobo.


mini fans are mostly what we all use for the airflow issue. it exists for sure, just have to fiind ways aroound it


My mini fan is a 10" Vornado. Seems to be just about enough airflow.


Also, one thing I’m noticing. Many of you could benefit from a little bit of Armor Si from General Hydroponics (I do not work for, sell, nor am associated with GH in any way…I just have seen the difference it makes). Helps bulk up the stem and branches and help them resist diseases. I think adding a little to the mixture might help fight off the dampening off issues people are seeing.


I’m in the process of turning a four 5 gallon DWC system into a RDWC, what kind of bulkheads do you use in yours? Where is the pump and whats the flow direction. How does your run in general? I’m having trouble figuring out how to get 5 in a straight line (1 res 4 plant sites) without having troubles with water levels in each bucket staying the same, instead of the standard 4 cluster system. I need them in a line for the space in in. This is why I’m thinking so far. The square res is a top off res, the first 5 gallon will be the control res with the pump and float valve. Any input would be great!

I’ve also seen the pump out of the res inline instead. Stated that it wouldnt heat the res water up as much not being submerged in it???
One picture has a top feed added and is just bottom recirculating. I’m not sure if I will need the top.feed in order to keep the water level the same. I was told in this configuration that I might have a problem with the pump bucket being empty and the in bucket being more full…
I’m also unsure of what size pipe to be using, I’ve heard 1, 2 and 3 inch. The bigger the better for root clogging reasons I’ve heard.

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Sorry for the delay getting back to folks. I wasn’t able to post for 24 hours due to being a newb.


I will reply to you a little later. I need to be at my PC to really answer this.

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I will say, I don’t recommend any solutions I haven’t tried or know first hand growers who have tried and we’re successful. I don’t do hear say.

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The bulkheads I use are these in the 3/4 inch

Hydro Flow® Tub Straight Fittings and Hydro Flow® Tub Outlet Tee Fittings (do a search and you should be able to find some retailers that handle them).

Basically I use the straight piece in the res. The water only comes in. I have a submersible pump (250 GPM) that I have pumping up through a hole in the lid going to the chiller. The water comes out from the chiller and goes into one side of the T connector on the first Grow site, and then you can either chain them together or return the water from the other side of the T.

One thing to keep in mind, make sure your sites are sitting higher than the res to make sure it drains. As I said, I have 3/4 inch fittings and tubes, which works for me, but I only do a single site and res in each system. You may need bigger fittings/tubing for 5 in series like that. The idea of drip watering might help keep you from having circulation and draining issues as well.

I generally don’t have a problem with clogging because there isn’t any sediment or particles in the water. The roots shouldn’t get pulled into the tubing so you should be ok. The pump doesn’t generate much heat, and I have a water chiller to offset what it does create.

I hope some of this is useful.


Thanks for the reply, I appreciate you taking the time! Good information to process before starting. What I don’t what is to get something set up and then 2 months from know wish I didn’t it different. That already happenned after I doing one grow and having to empty and fill each bucket separately… Hence the connected recirculating system…

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Well, I started with one system and pretty much revamped it half way through my first grow. Unfortunately, after you jump in, you learn the things that you would have done differently that you wouldn’t have known without jumping in…so…look at it as a learning experience and think of the money you are saving growing your own. It does take some trial and error.


I done the same thing with my tent grow! It has definitely been a learning experience and cost money along the way but definitely with it. Still learning every day.


I learned a lot in a small amount of time. Now that I have a clearer understanding of how things work, what better way to learn more than to dive into discussions. You’re right, still learning every day. I hope to never stop.