New Grower, Fluid Glass Problem?

Hey guys. New Grobo owner. I set it up today, but it seems like nothing happens when I press the back button or the ‘fluid glass’ icon on the app. Also, am I supposed to be hearing a small ‘lock’ noise when pressing the ‘lock’ icon? If so, nothing’s happening, and the lock remains ‘unlocked’. Are these glitches? Or did I receive a defective unit. Sucks that support isn’t in on weekends :man_facepalming:
Any advice or ideas are appreciated! Thanks guys!

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It takes a little while for the glass to warm up. This gets better over the first few weeks.

If you engage the app button for the glass. You’ll need to do it a few times before you can see through.

I also found you need to apply a little pressure when closing and opening the door. The locking mech is on the top right where the door meets the frame. Hold the button on the back for like 2 seconds and then let go. Push the top right of the door and it opens.

To close and lock simply close the door and apply a little extra pressure on the top right to engage the lock


Some of us had to bend the tab on the inside up a bit so it would catch properly. Try that​:+1::v:

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Thank you guys. I’ve got the locking mechanism down… still nothing with the fluid glass, but I’ll give it some time like suggested. Thanks again.

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Honestly, the fluid glass is more a pain in the ass than anything useful. Not sure why people want a glowing grow box. Might as well get a lighted sign saying “I’m growing cannabis” put on top the unit :joy::joy::joy:


My grobo’s fluid glass came right on out of box. No warm ups! @James experienced this problem with his fluid glass and has had problems ever since. @Stephen will be back Monday if you still need help, if you have yet to start seed I would get that box in full working order first.






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I have this problem on mine as well. Right now, its my first grow, relatively easy setup, so not too stressed. Will give it a couple days. It goes reddish, but you cant see through it all.

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Hello @shadowcipher89

My unit took a week to warm up the glass to see through on the first engagement. That said, you can force it to heat up by engaging the glass app button. Once the light goes out and switches back to the grow light you can click that glass button again (back or app). After a few times doing this you’ll be able to see through the glass to your plant (mostly).


Thanks James. I will try that when home, I could tell after a couple clicks, it was trying to get clearer, just not enough.

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