New *Beta* Program - Shift Schedule

Sent you a PM @RedCorrado,

Shift away!


@Stephen I’ll take a crack at this beta, if you please


Sent you a key @coffindancer!

Let me know your thoughts…


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@Stephen send away in 7 day germ love to see how my first grow goes


I would like to have this feature. Count me in.



((#WelcomeBack))… :wave::wink:



((#Welcome)): :wave::wink:


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Ok, after playing around a little bit here is what think.

The extend last stage for 7 days makes sense. I haven’t had to use it but let say I was going into flush and I noticed those delicious buds aren’t ready yet and need more time with some nutrients. Bamn revert to flower and 7 days added.

Now for the next stage it works excellent no need to change anything in my opinion.

For the extend stage I would like to be able to select how many days I wish to extend the current stage. Sometimes I’m just an inch away from the second fan in late vegetation and I want to just add 3-4 days to bring it up a little more. I know this is being picky because I can just add the 7 days and select next stage when it’s ready but I travel a lot and sometimes I’m not home for a few days to see where my plant is at. This way I could estimate 3-4 days and just let her switch to transition automatically after that.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Sent you a key!

Sent you a key too!

We’ve updated the notification engine to adjust with your shifts!

This Beta group is now closed to new requests.

Still open to feedback on the shifts, the shift page and now the notifications from all our existing Beta users. Thanks!


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Great feedback @Stephane, Thanks!!


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I thought I saw a end this stage now button. Was I wrong?

You’re not wrong it is the “next stage” button.

I’m down for any future beta tests if you’re opening a list.

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Hi Stephen, its me Peter. I’d like to try the beta program.

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@Mr_dancy, @Tito, Pretty sure this program has been closed.

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Hey Stephen are you still giving out beta keys?

@Kidiz1224, Stephen is on vacation until Monday and the beta program is not giving anymore keys for this program, I think its almost complete. Watch out for the next one to get a key!


Should be rolling out for all users soon. Hopefully


Anyone besides myself having issues with shift schedule?
Under my grobo it reads week 7 flowering.
Under shift schedule it reads what I set it to 20/35 late veg.
I’m not sure which is active or if my plant will go into flower or if I have time to change it back to late veg. SOS! @Stephen

Adjust Your Recipe

Stage Day Total
1 : Germination 10 10
2 : Early Vegetation 14 14
3 : Late Vegetation 20 35
4 : Transition 0 14
5 : Flower 0 38
6 : Flush 0 10

Kush N Cookies (Hybrid)



Week 7: Flowering Continues
Sent: Sep 5th at 12:01 PM

My light schedule seems to be the same.

Light Settings

Set when your unit lights turn on & off
5:00 AM

On time

1:00 AM

Off time


20 hr

Drag the center blue bar to choose your light interval

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