New and have questions

Sorry to create more topics . Getting used to this website. I have a few questions. How well does the Grobo handle the smells? Can this be place on its side before operations. I have to carry it up stairs and don’t wanna turn it on it’s side and ruin/break anything. I’m gonna continue searching. Any positive/negative feedback would be awesome!


Yes it arrives in a huge box that makes it easier or harder to move.
Smell is maybe only 50 50 contained

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The Grobo doesn’t do much at all to contain the smell of a mature flowering Cannabis plant unfortunately.

There are a couple of add-on modifications that help with the smell:

KeefGreenLeaf’s :


Also, putting the Grobo inside a tent and running an exhaust and carbon filter system could work too, but you’d need to buy a tent and set it up etc.


My biggest pet peeve is the odors. My in laws are anti Mary Jane. So finding ways to almost eliminate smell would be great. I love the mod and am interested in knowing more about it