Need outside input

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an ILGM sour D photo here. We are 158 days in, 38-60 of flower and she looks like this. She’s looked like this for 2.5 weeks now. Is it worth going to to possibly 200 days??

I am at the point where I am going to try and move to pot and buy a small tent (it’ll prob die if I’m being honest)

and start over in grobo


Is the air stone working?
She looks almost done. How are the tricomes looking?


Air stone is working. Trichs are still very see through

There isn’t really anything resembling a bud.

@Vicc @SWSVIC @Bplatinum9 @VermontGrobo @pyromancy I can’t remember anymore usernames or else I’d tag ya lol.

Seen anything take this long? worth keeping it starting over?

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Its growing according to shift schedule, your 30 something days in flower and buds usually develop better in the 40"s (days)… However something has gone left with this grow being that your at 158 days of growing.
Did you spend a lot of tine in early or late veg for a reason?
Tip: before you get past each grow stage, post a pic and ask the group if you should extend at the point your in before waisting a lot of days in one particular stage or another.
Can you post your shift schedule?
Check your nutrients or post a pic.
I wouldn’t give up at 38 days of flower just yet, give it another two weeks before you decide because by then you should be able to see a difference in what the buds look like. Hope this helps!


I see buds on your plant and lots of red hairs. It looks like shes still maturing slowly. Sometimes genetics take forever to finish up, you are getting closer to the finish line. My buds didnt look any close to your size until like flower day 45+

There are a few things you can do to help speed up the maturity like lowering root temps (this will make her think winter is coming and she needs to hurry up and finish) and also making sure there are good air flow going into your grobo (cannabis plants will literally stop growing and mature when co2 levels are below 250 ppm). Also switching the light schedule from 12/12 on/off to 11/13 on/off will also help her mature faster however this requires some manual unplugging of the gorbo and making sure you have backup airstones running for that lights off hour duration

Also from my experience with smoking Sour D (I have a 1/4 on me right now as we speak), the buds are not as big as other buds.


I haven’t been expecting big buds, but just something! It’s in the basement so the temp has been getting colder naturally.

Would I ask grobo to shift to 11/13 schedule?

Thanks again

Their system does not support 13/11 light schedule. this requires some human intervention. i wouldnt recommend it if you are not working on your plant on a daily basis

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I was very active with the grobo support team and here (well, On here a lot at the beginning) and they kept saying until it hit 2nd fan.

Already went through bottles 3/4/5 and about to go through 3/4 again

Schedule attached.

Thanks for checking

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I already burnt through 2 sets of bottles 3 and 4. I am working on my 3rd bottle now and im still on my first grow, but I also custom feed her with the grobo nutes lol, I feel the bottles should be 3 times bigger.


Lmao, your plant is 10x larger than mine!!


but we have about the same amount of growth time and im sure we do the same amount of water changes. I mean i do add more grobo nutes than the machine gives the plant which makes me feel we should be getting more nutes per grow if we want to optimize yield.

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I think she looks like she’s working along… I mean you have buds there, they aren’t super fat but they’re ripening.

I am a little concerned though about the 63 days in Late Veg… what stunted her growth so bad? There has to be a factor, that’s an extremely long time in Late Veg on top of the 14 days of early veg imo for a plant your size.

It makes me wonder if your LED is messed up or something, like a broken spectrum or not putting out the light it should. You said you wanted to keep it towards the 2nd fan as Grobo recommended before switch to flower, has the plant not stretched since flower? Also, lack of bud size could be to lack of light power too.

If it was me, I wouldn’t give up on her because it’s taken so long and she definitely is producing THC, especially for me, a little bit of bud goes a long way for my tolerance these days. At the very least you can extract everything and get some nice oil or edibles if you don’t think the buds are worth it or something?


At the beginning, I’m talking week 2-4 probably, it was definitely stunted and we (team grobo and I) found that it was probably due to tap water. It’s been distilled water ever since. Even in late veg, it grew so little. So when it finally reached the fan, I flipped to transition

I’ve talked to grobo many many times asking if I’m doing something wrong or machine isn’t working but they always say it looks great. So guess I’ll keep tinkering

Well, I guess sometimes mother nature has her own plans. You may have literally just got a ‘runt of the litter’ phenotype by chance? Idk! Maybe she was never planning on growing taller than that by genetics. Hard to say.


Lol! Well no worries. I’ve decided to let it live… especially since I got a new grobo in the Black Friday sale :joy::joy:


Yeah late veg was extensive to say the least.
What seed provider did you go with on this grow?
I would chalk this up to genetics as well.
Check back with AG in a week though and hang in there!


ILGM genetics… before I discovered the plethora of seed banks lol.

I guess I’m just gonna sit here and look/sniff for a while longer!


Lol! :eyes::seedling::+1:


I haven’t discovered the same. Would you mind listing them please and thank you?