My OGBB'S are halfway to harvesting

Got them into there last pot. Now getting them tall and anchor :anchor: them down and the next prune and stress is done. I’ll be doing all stress and feeding in the morning. Got my nutrients bubbling now so it will be a perfect TDS & E/C reading


I’ll be training and stressing and pruning Mon (day off). Here’s more pics from yesterday morning

Purple Rain
See them climbing through and I gave them newt’s sat morning 7am. These pictures were taken just before I gavem newt’s


Very nice! Is that a grow room your using?
Did you make your own scrog?
Zip ties are a great idea!
I was thinking about making a scrogg for my 4 x 8 tent if I ever decide to use the whole space, I have a 2 x4 & 4 x 4 scrog, there easier to find! :eyes::seedling:

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I made mine and I’m not done. I’m going to pu 4x 8

I made it and I’m going to add too it. I’m going to get a res and put a pump into it and run a shower head over your medium. The water will be evenly coming out save my 50yr old back. Plus im adding a 4x11 full spectrum veg in front of my current room. Get my timing right… I grow meds for this one woman and she’s got 7% of her lung use back… Organic all the way. More exspensive but worth it at the end…


Excellent ideas! Have you ever thought about using flora flex lines to feed your plants from the reservoir?

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I got knotted nets so you can cut them.

2 photos or 3 autoflowers. I use all general hydroponics myself… But most nutrients are the same… BUT there’s many ways to do your nutrients. Some guy’s that are veterans on growing and know how to add every nutrient separate not mixed up in a bottle or a bag. But I’m not that good either…


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now lolipoped and pruned.
Now a nice and even scrog. They all have a hole to it’s self almost got them all filled… Just got to get the runt of the litter (4). Cought up. I’m looking for something to lift it up to the scrog.
See the left front lower than the scrog I’ve got to lift it up an the pot is huge

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I need some advice please. I’ve got crows feet on my Purple Rain Autoflower. How do I fix this? I’ve never let it go dry and you can’t over water with cloth pots. Any ideas :bulb:’s please… She’s my baby…

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She doesn’t look too bad. My leaves have been all the way to the floor on my current grow, I ahas to adjust ph and I used zerotol hc in the reservoir gor a bit but, I am a hydro grower. :eyes::seedling:
Here are some reads:

Not sure where your problem is but let’s start here.
There is a mixing order to nutrients.

  1. silicate
  2. cal mag
  3. v1/b1
  4. v2/b2
  5. additives
  6. ph (up or down)
  7. beneficials
    Whatever you dont use skip to the next number.
    It took me a long time to get my ph right and I used to go for the higher numbers until I found out it was wrong
    . Dosing
    Max: EC = 1.4. PPM = 700 veg stage
    Max: EC = 1.6. PPM = 800 flower stage

PH of 5.5 - 6.0 without co2
Higher side of nutes = cold months
Lower side of nutes = hotter months

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Thank friend… Really appreciate it. It helped a lot. I’m letting it dry too damp until I water it again.