My new grow room adventures 😎🀘

Finally moved into my new place and got the grow room together, I still have some things to set up but I figured tonight was a good night to start a plant! :+1:

This grow is Afghan kush Ryder auto.

My buddy gave me a few seeds and this is the first one I will be trying after that I have a lot more grows to come!:sunglasses:

Here’s the grow room.

And I already pre germinated this seed I forgot to get a picture of the tap root but here is the start of this grow!


Welcome in the club and good luck with this grow.
If you keep on adding pictures and comments here, I am sure many will comes to comments, answers your questions and give you some advice.

Here is the first, totally free of charge :slight_smile:
I would suggest to make a bit more distance between the wall and the back of your Grobo.
There is 2 fans in the back panel and they like a bit more fresh air and there is also a 3rd fan, under the wooden lid, blowing the hot air out. From the back also, so this draft of hot air could go back inside if you are too close to the wall.

Hope you enjoy the ride :slight_smile:


I was going to say the same, move it out as far as you can that doesn’t make it stand out a lot.

Ours is about a foot from the back wall with 2 feet on each side.


Happy growing! Best of luck on your new adventure…


Happy growing


Here we go there is life :seedling:

Thank you for the advice, I have it away from the wall the same distance as my last couple grows should be fine but if need be will be moved out a little further.

Hope you all enjoy the adventure I know I will :sunglasses::metal:


Took a look this morning and seem to be coming along nicely :metal:




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Nice to see you growing again @Mikev ! That’s also quite a canna altar you got there, so many flavors!


Thanks @SilverGrobo and @Vicc I’m glad to be back growing :metal: and the canna alter is coming along still got a few things to add to it :joy:


First water change for this plant and oh so many more to come :joy:

With the heat and humidity I find the little one is taking good advantage of it while it’s still here :metal::seedling:


Looking good mike!:seedling::dash:


Happy growing she looks happy

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She looks really nice
Just another little tip on the side, ordering an extra set of nutriment bottle no. 3, 4 and 5 would be nice on your to-do list.
I say that because you will most likely need them before the end of this grow.
(or you will have them for your next grow :slight_smile: )

With distilled water, bottle number 1 and 2 will barely move but the other 3 run empty pretty quickly… especially in Flower mode

The only time i have seen bottle number 2 emptying quickly was after having root rot problem caused by a dead air pump that i discovered a little too late


Got you covered @Ben

It’s an excellent point to have more stocked up :metal: I was actually planning on ordering more this weekend coming up, I like keeping and extra set of bottles that way you never run low and when you get to veg/flower it’s gonna drink them up fast!
I’m also glad they have air stone replacement (it’s been a while since I’ve been on the shop site :sweat_smile:) I plan on getting a few as well they might be something to keep a spare of too lol
Also it’s that time of week again water time and they grow so fast lol :seedling: :joy:


Babylon Low Di Herb! :green_heart:

I forgot to post this weekend but here we are water change time :joy:

Also gave them a hair cut was a little shaggy

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It’s that time again I ended up doing a little Heath check on my probes and ended up needing to calibrate them I noticed my leaves had some orange spots and looked a little sad and I bet ya that was the problem there :sweat_smile:

I just realized In the picture of me doing the health check I meant to hold this up instead :man_facepalming: :joy:


Another weekly update slowly getting better :+1:



Not sure how knowledgeable you are bud but…

Hope this helps now or the nxt :seedling::seedling::seedling: :+1: