My first lollipop did I take to much off [RESOLVED]

how do you know if you took to much off? Is this ok or did I go scissor happy

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I’m not experienced at all, but your plant looks really unhappy. #1 looks good but #2&3 it looks miserable. I don’t think this early you need to worry about lollipopping. At this stage it’s probably just a “top” (If it’s not an auto) and then let it recover.

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It’s an auto and I was thinking she didn’t look happy either

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This early I don’t think any trimming is needed. Maybe in late veg but now she just wants to grow. Leave her be and hopefully she recovers. I’m sure a more experienced grower will chime in.

did the bubbler inside for the roots go out?


It hasn’t been running i just thought it was part of its cycle

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Thats why. Go to the pet store buy one right now aNd come pipe it through the vent on the back. Your plant will die within a few days without it.


then open a ticket at


@lilg420 that’s your problem right there. The bubbler should be running 24/7. Put a ticket in with support, and if you are close to a pet store, stop by and get a cheap air pump and air stone. It’s pretty easy to run, @SWSVIC and a bunch of other people have their own air pump running.

Edit: @Todd.grobo beat me to it!


@Todd.grobo @VermontGrobo good catch guys!


Thanks guys much appreciated @Todd.grobo @VermontGrobo @FireGuy @Aang


Will it last till tomorrow

I wouldn’t put it off too long.


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What color should her roots be

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White. You could just have your nutrients dispensing directly onto your roots thus the color. Moving it around might have already fixed it. Keep an eye on the plant not the roots and post pics of any negative changes

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Ok i will and flowering mode is in 3 day’s what do i need to know about it like how often do you check on it and is she even ready for it yet

Good read


I’ve tried to put in a work order but I don’t think it’s going through cause I have not heard anything and my number 1 bottle isn’t Dispensing right help please :pray:

Number one only dispenses as needed, that’s used to raise the pH of the water if necessary. The less you use of it, the better.

Unless you have noticed your pH is too high?

That’s usually a good sign if it’s only modifying the pH in one direction, in this case that’s downward using the 2nd bottle if you notice some of that being used.