My Banana Kush grew too tall during the flowering stage

Here are some pictures

One of my bud sites got completely burnt so I was force to cut it down to the next node and there was another one I had to do the same too. I don’t know if the 12/12 schedule isn’t good for this strain or what the issue is… @stephen or someone please share your input, I still have 30 days left of flower and I don’t want this to happen again.

Also, being on day 10 of flower should I be worried that I am only starting to see white pistols now?


Push the cocopod through the base your plant will be fine and you’ll get some inches of clearance on the top


Might want to try some super cropping also :fist:t4::alien:


Listen don’t take this the wrong way but … you should not had cut the tops off like that… you should only be doing that during veg and allowing time to recover… YOU NEVER I MEAN NEVER DO THAT DURING FLOWER. You never want to stress a plant out during the fruiting stage like that… you have reduced your yield and your plant will now be focused on recovery and/or stressed it so much that it might hermi… the 12/12 schedule is not the issue your plant just grew out of the space of the grobo that’s all… you need to focus on training your plant and getting familiar with the the techniques. You could also push the coco pod into the water like someone previously mentioned.


Both of the tops I took off were completely burnt, it was either cut them off or leave them to burn even more but they were beyond burnt.



too tall



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Yes I have done two grows in my grobo. The first I had to remove it got so big and also the second now on day 73 and it is almost to the top and hasn’t started flowering yet.

Are you doing any type of low stress training in veg, using trellises, any type of training implemented? I saw the rope in the top pics, but can’t make out if the purpose was just for support. Training will allow you plant to grow stronger, allow for an even canopy and slow the growth a bit allowing the bottom to catch up to the top. In my opinion it’s a “have-to” in limited space.

Do you know the genetics of your seed? Some strains grow larger than others.