Mold on cocopod?

I’ve noticed that on my cocopod there are white fuzzy dots all over the top. I thought it was just the cocopod drying out, but I looked closer and I’m not too sure anymore. Is it ok to just take the top part of the cocopod off so it doesn’t spread to the plant or is it too late? I don’t see any mold on my plant. Also, is this normal? If not, how could I prevent this from happening again because it’s pretty gross. I can provide pictures if I need to.


Send a pic in! There’s a LOT of people who have white mold on their pods… It’s usually caused by “Trichoderma” which is beneficial bacteria that doesn’t hurt the plant but helps to combat any potential threats as it colonizes and gets a stronger ground.

If you see black or green algae that is a bad sign! White and slightly brown isn’t usually a bad thing!


Ok, that’s good to know lol I was about to be so disappointed because it’s so close to the end of a grow. Hopefully what you see in the picture is what’s supposed to be there. Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:


That looks very common to me, I would search “Mold on cocopod” on AllGrowers and I bet you’ll find a lot of pics similar


Got a pic of your girl in her full glory? :slight_smile: Curious to know where you’re at, hard to tell from only the stem :slight_smile:

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There you go :slight_smile: it still has about 30 days in flower left. This one is Purple Queen. The one before this that I grew, Blue Cindy, was like three times taller than this one so :sweat_smile: I may have fucked something up lol but still learning techniques and stuff and experimenting.


She’s a lil’ one, but looks really nice honestly! :slight_smile: Congrats on getting this far ! No idea as to why she’s so small without seeing the whole grow but atleast it looks like you’ll hit the finish line!


I don’t know why she’s so small either. The grow before this was great and it reached the top of the grobo so :woman_shrugging:t2: I didn’t change anything up either from the last grow.


Well there could be a number of factors…

Could be a weak phenotype of the strain by chance or the genetics of this strain might need very specific climate conditions to thrive properly.

Since you did a previous grow, the climate of your house and area would have changed over the past months so it could have affected grow conditions too…

Also without seeing the earlier stages of the grow it’s hard to tell, there might have been some warning signs of stunted growth and/or potential to extend vegetation or something like that!

Either way, she looks nice :slight_smile: Such a beautiful plant regardless.