Million Dollar Question! Guess the strain

Hello everyone! :smiley:
First post here, while I wait for my Grobo unit to arrive!

Some time ago I’ve bought 3 packs of seeds (Liberty Haze, Tangerine Dream from Barneys Farm and a third one that i dont remember, could be White Widow)

Since i had to move internationally, i had the brilliant idea of taking them out of the packs and put it all together in a little box mixed with the movement boxes.

At the time i said to myself “remember the seeds that look like that are XX, these others are YY and the 3rd one is ZZZ”.

I forgot completely how which seeds look like. :sweat_smile:

So…the big question here would be: Can anyone help me, maybe if you own any of the seeds above, based on the photos make your best guess of which seed could be which strain?

Thanks a lot for your support! I hope you guys are seed geniuses LOL
Take care! :wave:

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Taking a stab: 9# :hammer: :sunglasses:

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Not the answer your looking for but you have a better chance figuring the seed out after it’s in Late Veg


You’re right on that one!. I have written to CS in Barney’s Farm to see if they have pics.
Maybe they also can help…let’s see.

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let us know

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  • (If you need to just go with the [GenericRicipe]): :wink: :woman_shrugging:

  • (TheyNeedOneCalled[MysterySeed]): :rofl:

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  • (#DoYouHaveAnEye[:eye:]ForSeeds): :thinking:



Sorry I came back so late. Long story short, Barney’s CS told me they where not allowed to show pictures of any seeds :rofl::woozy_face:

I still tried to germinate all of the seeds using different methods but they were all burned or rotten. Black in the interior and not a single one germinated.

I’m in a very hot and humid area and I guess they died while sitting in customs for 2 months (goods shipment)

Anyway, I’ve got some new seeds that germinated very well and started a new grow 38 days ago!

Thanks all for your support
Take care

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