Maximum & Minimum temperatures for location of Grobo & noise levels query

What are the recommended temperatures for Grobo’s location?
I’m an Australian customer and on a really bad summer day we can hit 40c+ - in the (non air-conditioned) room I intended to locate my Grobo the ambient temperature might hit 30c.
Is Grobo able to cope with this without causing heat stress to the plants?
Conversely, winter temps might drop to 10c in the room overnight, will this be an issue?

Additionally what are the noise levels when running?

Very keen to hear a response to this, especially when compared to the climate control system in Seedo.

Many thanks!

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The Grobo uses internal fans to moderate the temperature inside the Grobo. Heat is what we growers battle more often than cool and having your unit in 30c will be a challenge. Grobo won’t produce as much heat as your tent, but it won’t cool lower than what the actual room is. Generally plants like the same temps as humans, so if you are too hot or cold, so is your plant.

In our latest noise level test, Grobo was between 43 - 48 decibles, depending on the location and size of room.

Hope this helps!