Water temp and grow environment temp

Hi everyone,
I have been reading that the ideal grow environment temp is between 68-77F with an ideal of 73.4. If we are around 74 in the grow box wouldn’t that also increase the water temp to near 74? Inside the Grobo there isn’t much separation between the grow environment and the water reservoir so eventually the water will match the temperature of the grow box ~75. Leave a glass of water in any environment at any temp and it will eventually match that temp.

I’ve read that water temps higher than 72 can be harmful to the roots and cause root rot. Without introducing a water chiller, how are we to keep the water temp at the ideal temp range of 64-67 while at the same time maintaining the ideal temp range for the grow environment which is much higher?


Use hydroguard and a timing on the lights so they are off during the hottest day hours


Hi Todd,
Yes, I am using hydroguard to help prevent root rot. I guess I’m wondering how am I to maintain the ideal temp for the grow box (74) while at the same time maintaining the ideal temp for water 64-67 when there is little to no separation of these two environments?

I have a water chiller setup ready to go but this is my first grow and I would like to see how things turn out.

Day 2 on AK auto. Inside temp is 79 with rh of 51. Water temp is 77.4

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You dont. Thats why its called ideal.

Do the best you can do. Plants thrive in many different conditions


If you already purchased a chiller, why not just use it?

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Cool alright we will see how it goes.

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Are you managing FL weather conditions? If so, I understand your concerns.

Ideally, to increase chance of a cooler box temp, you want to improve the exhaust if you’ve maxed out your environment around the Grobo.

User @SWSVIC has created the best mod yet. Take some ideas and see what fits for your space/budget etc.

Good luck!


It does void your warranty if you have one.

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Oh dear! I even bought the additional 1 year warranty. Could anyone provide the specific language in the warranty that prohibits the introduction of a water chiller to the unit?

I can understand not allowing someone to make material changes to the machine like drilling holes for tubing, but how about just running the chiller tubes under the lid?

Does say adding a mini fan inside the grow box also void the warranty?

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@Stephen @Dani would be the ones to get that info for you!

Here’s what I found under the Warranty & Returns section

relevant warranty exclusion conditions:

  • use of the Product in combination with any third-party devices or products that we have not provided or recommended to you;

  • attempting to affix anything to the Product;

I would like to get further clarification on this. If we applied the loosest interpretation to these conditions, technically, if you affix the grobo sticker to the side of the unit you just broke the warranty.

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:raising_hand_man:t2: I voided the hell out of my warranty. That said, I planned to do so from the begging thus I didn’t buy the extended warranty. In my case there was no option other than to install a chiller, the Grobo would be pointless for me otherwise. I’d like to think that the Grobo team is accommodating enough sell replacement parts and guide through onsite/DIY repairs should I really F something up. Should everything go well and I am satisfied with the end results of this first grow I will be ordering a second unit and voiding it’s warranty also.

May I ask, which water chiller did you choose?

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hey man! I have been following this subject on the forum here. I went with the Active Aqua 1/10HP unit often mentioned here. Also have the pump for it and an extra air pump and stone. Rolling prepared! This first one will just be Grobo stock conditions

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Nice work on that water chiller mod installation as well as the exhaust! @SWSVIC


Copy that, I’ll follow your grow! I’m sure it will go well. I went with the same water chiller set up and it’s working very well, you won’t be disappointed. I’m more into the growing process, technique, equipment, and technology. Ending up with some absolute fire is almost a side benefit at this point, dispensaries near by keep me plenty satisfied. I’m targeting quick (as possible) grows of many different strains as possible, not sure if your gotten into collecting rare/exclusive genetics yet, beware it’s wildly addicting :joy:.

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Yes! I am very much interested in some Jamaican strains - Lamb’s breath, jamaican pearl, and jamaican dream


Adding the chiller yes cause it’s a modification, but putting another fan in there won’t do anything to the warranty. Unless you took the back off and messed with their fans and put in your own, then that would qualify as voided I’m sure lol



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