Help, don’t want to lose this. It’s my first grow and was going so well.

Air stone appears to be working well. See pic for roots,stem.
It’s a Bruce Banner Autoflower seed
Shifted the schedule from Bruce Banner auto and was in extended late veg x 3 due to small size. Shifted to a generic auto and into transition based on some advice. Currently 9/14 transition phase. Little trimming of fan leaves on lowest part about 2wks ago otherwise was bending some of the larger fans.
Using distilled the entire time. Put a small humidifier inside the unit on pulse to try and raise humidity from low 30’s to upper 30’s and temp always mid to low 70’s.
Roots not slimy.
Water change on Tue and added some Revive at 1/2 strength because it looked like shit. First time with any additional nutrients.
It’s the first grow in this box.
Currently in the box says 79deg and 25% humidity.
Pod feels moist

Since these pics I pushed the coco pod up. No more humidifier inside and shifted it back to the Bruce Banner Auto schedule and kept in transition



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