Looking for floraflex feed advice in DWC

Hey everyone, newer hobbyist grower here. Im running a RDWC setup and running floraflex nutrients. Looking for input from anyone with experience using floraflex nutrients in a dwc system. I am 20 days in from seed and i suspect a possible deficiency. I am currently using RO water with a ec of 0. I am adding cal mag until ec is 0.3 from there i mix v1 and v2 and .3 grams per gallon. My ending EC is 0.6 about 420ppm. Ph’d up to 6.0. No signs of nutrient burn, however my EC/ppm is not dropping over a few days. Plants have a light green color almost yellowing out. I am running such a dialed back mixture of v1 and v2 because i am paranoid to burn these girls up… should i simply trust the floraflex feed scheduele and bump to 1 gram per gallon?


Veg Flora spray them and increase your Ec to 1.0 to 1.2

Since your ph is in line they are pale because they are hungry

Unless you have root problems are they white?


Roots are looking great. Slight stain from the res (no root rot, im running hydroguard and water temps are 70)i am on a 24hr light cycle, can i use the veg foliar with lights on?


No you can’t spray with the lights on.

The only product on the market that I know of that you can spray with the lights on is


Increase your Ec will work also but spraying with bring the colour back faster


Looks like i will be switching to an 18/6 to take advantage of the foliar. I greatly appreciate your insight! Any input on a 20/4 light cycle as apposed to 18/6?


I tried 20/4 before and didn’t really notice a difference between 18/6


Alrighty. Lastly, when using the foliar spray with RO water, would i add cal mag until an ec of 0.3 is reached, and then add the foliar powder followed by ph’ing water to 6.0? Or just straight ph’d ro water? Thank you @Mpower11 !


I personally don’t add Cal/Mag to my spray but you could

Roughly 0.5 Ec at 5grams per gallon on the veg Ph 5.8 to 6.0

Roughly 1.4 ec at 5 grams per gallon on the bloom ph 5.0 to 5.5

Note: This info is what I do for Coco / Hydro

Adjust Ph last


You are the man. Your help is greatly appreciated!


I have found that 0.5 g of V1 and 0.5 g of V2 in very early veg hits the sweet spot for EC. I experimented with different doses, and found anything above 1g each per gallon was too much and caused nute burn.


Just so there’s no confusion the rates I posted above is for the foliar spray Veg and Bloom

Your talking about the base nutes :+1:

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I am thinking 0.5 g v1 and v2 will yield me roughly 1.0 ec. Mixing tonight so we will see!

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FloraFlex posted mixing directions for their nutes on Instagram if you are interested in not having to add Cal-Mag. I’ll see if I can dig up the post and get a screenshot.


Wow. That is new information to me. I follow their instagram as well and i hadnt seen this. I dont think i will use this schedule as i am new and it does take me longer to figure out my deficiencies/toxicity issues if and when i encouter them.


Back with an update. Did a res change Then Foliar sprayed once lights went out for the night. Foliar mixed to 0.5EC with a PH of 6.0
For the res i started with RO water, added…
-Power Si @0.3ml/gal (let mix for an hour)
-cal mag @ 2ml/gal (brought to 0.3EC)

-V1&V2 @ 1g/gal (brought to 0.8EC)

  • H&G roots exelurator silver @0.4ml/gal

-Fish Sh!t @ 2ml/gal

-Hydroguard @2ml/gal

Final EC 0.9 then Ph’d to 6.0.
Water temps are 67F room temp is 82F with 70%RH.
I believe ive got a progressive Cal/Mag deficiency… What would be your take?

Thanks for your time in advance!


@Mpower11 just realized i replied to myself on this update. Any thoughts? Updated below

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Looks like PH Fluctuation problems what is your Ph?

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My ph has remained at 6.0-6.1. Ive cleaned and calibrated the probes twice in the last 7 days. I did add a chiller over the weekend and gradually dropped mt water temps from 70 to 67. However ph has maintained. I am curious if maybe ive got the water level too low? Water sits about 6" below the net pot. Water splashes up to the rockwool and plenty of roots are touching the water.


@Mpower11 something i just discovered, ive been dosing botanicare cal mag @ 2ml/gal which foes give me 0.3EC however this is a recommended dose for seedlings, 3-5ml/gal is recommended for veg. I am thinking i will mix a new batch with 4ml/gal cal mag everything else the same ratios as last mix and then do a res change tonight. Thoughts?

All you want is the roots wet not the media

Does this look like your plant does to me based on the picture

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