Liquid Glass Broken

Hey everyone! Excited to join this community and get started with my first grow.
I’m a little late to the party, I hardly had to wait to get my shipment delivered here in the states which is amazing, but it was delivered with a handful of flaws.

The biggest is the liquid glass. I’m confused. It seems like it’s not working or changing between the two settings.

What setting is the Grobo on in this pic, “visible” or “invisible”? I can definitely see through the glass, so I assume this is the “visible” setting?

Nothing changes on the liquid glass when I hit the button in the back on the Grobo or the “glass” icon in the Grobo app. How do I make the liquid glass change? Is it broken or am I missing something? Any guidance is much appreciated, thank you!

  • Brandon

Hi Brandon

This is a known issue on some units and can be a couple things. Once the unit warms up to your house temperature TV you will find the colour changes and eventually becomes see thru for the most part. Doesn’t always happen and everyone uses different tricks to get it working.


Welcome Brandon,

I had this issue as well only a few short weeks ago. Mine took about a week before it was clear enough to take pictures through. That said, if you force to warm up by engaging the door panel a few times back-to-back it will get clearer, but over time mine got significantly better


Thanks for the info guys! @James @Todd.grobo
I’ll wait it out and see what happens. It’s nice to know there’s a community of Grobo owners to reach out to. Cheers!


That’s what were all here for. Hopefully it just warms up to you. :slight_smile:






Liquid Glass

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