Light leak...real or fake news 🤷‍♂️🕺🔥

Ok all here is your chance to weigh in wether or not light leaks really fk plants up or is it fake news???



I’ve had the side flap of my flower tent open the whole 60 days - no issues

It’s probably not the best idea as light escapes that the plant might* use, but hasn’t hurt my plants. Did this to allow cool air to come into the tent

Imo fake news


I’m in agreement here. Think about it, in nature, it is rarely completely black pitch dark for 6 to 12 hours. There is always some light. Oh and what about that big bright thing in the sky at night…does it turn off when plants are under all her glory :joy::joy::joy:

In my experience, I’ve had tons of light leak both in and out of the tent, and never a problem!!! Thus I find the theory to be fake news as a yellow hair, Orange faced man likes to call things :joy::joy::man_dancing::man_dancing:


I’d agree I mean I leave my flaps open all the time with another tent and led light on and I haven’t had issues … I’ve had my timer fail and no issues… in my opinion I think it’s all about genetics if it’s strong it will make it without Herm’s … as Osage said it’s never completely dark outside but yet they grow and don’t Herm…

My first grow with the traspstar that I transplanted from soul to hydro went through the ringer I left it on a porch for days I t he dark and summer heat where temps reached 110 on multiple days didn’t water her and had such an inconsistent light schedule and well you can go to the post and see she made it all the way through with no issues and beautiful buds… so I’d say there some fake news about light leaks going around as well … I think people should focus on quality genetics … most of the people bitching about light leaks are growing f1 generation which has the most genetic inconsistency … try grabbing some bx or ibl or f2 and so on so fourth where they have been worked a few times to breed out bad qualities and you will see you can beat on these plants and they still survive and produce