Light leaks

So everything I read says light leaks are disastrous for a cannabis plant. But pure darkness doesn’t occur that often in nature. cannabis plants would have to be affected by the moon, star light, overhead lights, lightning, etc My point being that there’s all kinds of sources of light that aren’t controlled in nature so why does the smallest amount of light have such an impact on our growing plants?


I have grown in the Grobo as well as in the tent and haven’t found small light leaks to matter in the grand scheme of things.
I would think there would have to be a constant and significant amount of light to herm an entire plant but that could also prove to be my opinion.
I’m sure more seasoned growers may have experienced light leak issues in there history of growing and I would love to hear the stories to compare my grows too.
Maybe growing has evolved to exclude small light leaks from harming our harvest but there’s only one way to find out and that’s talking, so chime in!


Agreed I think it’s more of an issue where you have a problem if there’s prolonged exposure, but accidentally flipping on a light switch during the dark phase won’t be. In my opinion anyway.

Thanks for the response.

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