Leaves are brown

Why are my leaves brown. Help?

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Can you check your Ph or do you have a tester on hand…what is your temp and humidity looking like…also are your bottles dispensing…and them leaves are touching the floor now

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I very new to this… I have no idea if they are dispensing, they look like they are still filled up? I don’t know how to check ph balance…

I am ready to sell this Grobo, I didn’t think it would be this hard. If anyone interested in buying it please let me know…

Yeah I’m new too but eyeball it and if the bottles not full then it’s working but still need to make sure all are working and that your lines are not kinked in any way…most growers mark with pen every water change but I take pics every change so that works for me…and don’t be quick to give up on this machine because that’s what it is a machine that you still have to maintain and keep components functioning right…you’ll need to get a Ph meter to at least check that when you do a fill for future reference…Amazon can get you right with a lot of side materials you may need to complete grow in Grobo with little flaws…do you have a water temp gauge as well and humidity gauge…all worth it to monitor these plants :seedling:


If all else fails you may need to send in a ticket so the team can relay back to you what your machine Ph and Ec numbers look like…worth doing that than selling so quick


How most look inside with monitors

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Are you saying I need to buy these? If so what are they called and which type should I get

Good to have you…whatever is going on with your baby can be corrected. Looks like your pod is pushed down far enough, is it damp? If it is a ph or a nutrition issue, Grobo will correct it on their end. Just send in a ticket! Do your lines on your bottles to see if there is any kinks. When they are new, sometimes they don’t run freely…,

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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for your help! Can you please send me the links to buy from Amazon… What type of monitor? Thanks again for your help and time.

Just a few you may need…have to make sure that water is Ph’ed to round 5.5-6.5 and water temp between 65-85°F and humidity between 40-60% right now at the stage you in…also make sure your pump stay working…some have had problems with them and I have an external myself going to air stone in reservoir…


Wow!! Thanks a million! I just ordered them all. You have been so much help. Thanks a lot!


Water temp should not be more than 73 if you can help it - 85 is too hot



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[Probe health check/cleaning/calibration]



Why are there brown spots on the leaves?