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I just take readings 2-3 times a day. I’m in the grobo less than 10 minutes each day. I have never touched the plant itself or the cocopod since it was turned on. Yesterday was the first time I got into the reservoir to make sure there were no blockages to twisted/pinched tubes.

My water temps were upwards of 78 degrees the first few days which prompted me to get the chiller. Can’t expect to grow dwc successfully at that water temp so I asked around, got some assistance here and made the change.

Interesting to see your 3/4/5 all being pulled into the water res and your plant being so much further ahead. Could be recipe specific?

Thanks for the pics!

@Chris can you help here? Wondering if there is an issue or when I might see bottles 3/4 & 5 start to leave their bottles and enter the reservoir

Thanks in advance

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Your girl still has time to outgrow mine, let’s hope we both get some good weight come harvest!

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Good call asking Chris! Your plant still looks really healthy!

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I added to my existing open support ticket. I fear my intake pump is not functioning properly. A few days ago I was prompted to drain and fill. The drain worked without issue, but when I engaged the app to fill nothing entered the grobo and the app remained as if it was still filling. After 5 minutes of zero movement I took it upon myself to fill it manually, slowly until the app told me it was filled.

Thanks for the pics and input :+1:

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So if you manually filled it the nutrients won’t disperse! Great idea to add it to the ticket because I do believe that is the problem. The nutrients only disperse during drain and fills.

Question: Did you have to expose your roots to the light to fill the tank?


II’ve felt since day 3 when my outside LED just stopped working that I had an issue more serious that just the light. Since I’ve had a day where my Inside lights didn’t come on attributed to my unit dropping connection (not an issue at my place), pump not pulling in water and possibly an issue with the pump/nutes now. Also noticed that since Stephen is gone we don’t see a lot of the support groups visiting the forum, but that may just be my perception and when I’m on they are working.

I’ve submitted helpdesk tickets, but I don’t want to be a pain in their rear either. All of my helpdesk tickets have been answered, but none of them imo were acceptable answers with actual resolution. Even bjorn replied to my latest suggesting the issue wasn’t on my end (I already knew this) and that the unit dropped connection which would be investigated, but was assured that I am on schedule and the unit is up and working

Todd suggested something might be wrong

Answer to your question, the roots never left the water. They’re very long and very white. The lid was lifted very slowly and carefully. My grobo is in a room with no sunlight entering it and the grow lights are off during fill to my knowledge. There is light, but it’s the light that you engage to snap a pic

Really considering an RMA request. I don’t want to return my grobo as I’m invested in the device and would prefer to not start over as well the little lady telling me I can have a tent. These problems continue to mount for me and the unit is just now in day 16. This was supposed to be a sleek automated process with very little end user activity. The unit isn’t sleek with a water chiller attached and its not automated when I’m having to manually connect to WiFi, powercycle to get the lights working and fill the unit manually myself because the pump isn’t pulling fluids.

I’m frustrated
@bjorn @Stephen @Chris


Stay on it no matter how much of a Headache it is to anyone, I’m sure they want their product to be successful and don’t have any ill feelings about helping out. Your unit is new and under warranty so now is the time to make sure it functions properly. If you need to check yours against mine anytime don’t hesitate to shout out!


You have been very active with your journal! I like it! I’ve been doing the same. :+1::seedling:


Definitely trying to the first trip around so I can learn from my mistakes! I wanna get really good at it so I never have to lose a crop.


Currently doing a drain and it won’t stop draining. It just keeps going saying it’s draining and nothing, but air is coming through the hoses now. There is no water to be sucked into the pump, but won’t allow me to proceed

I’ve recorded video that I’ll get uploaded to YouTube. Pump is struggling now making a sound that pump would make when it doesn’t have water to push. A quick check of the reservoir and it’s almost completely empty

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What happens when you hit close or pause?

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It stops, but even after engaging the continue it just keeps pushing air. So rather than letting the pump burn out I have it stopped dent Chris a PM as he’s online here, added to my helpdesk ticket early this afternoon…

Grobo is sitting empty now for almost 20 minutes. When I try to engage the fill the picture above is what I’m prompted with

Notice the bubbles nothing but air. There is no water to be sucked out


Sensor or line sounds off. Has anyone ever added a little more water to see if the drain would continue and finish?

Can’t disengaged the drain, I can pause that is all … just keep prompting to let it finish :cry:

Anyone out there have an idea how to engage the fill? I’m about ready to put the water bck in manually

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I know you would hate to do a reset on the power so maybe the team will have to fix this for you! Looks like @Chris, is trying to help figure things out so let us know what happened.

Yeah I’ve seen several grobo team members on… wondering when they intend to tell me to back it in.

At this point I feel this unit is defective. Im doing my best here to not be vulgar or cross any invisible lines of inappropriateness, but I’ve had nothing, but issues and very little in the way of resolution

No water on these roots over 30 minutes now

Same message

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I feel for your situation. I just saw @Chris, on here about to respond to your post but then nothing, too bad @Stephen, is still on vacation I think until tomorrow. Look like he is trying to still figure something out.

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Hi @James,

Just read through your comments and concerns and hope to answer some things to the best of my knowledge. As a heads up @Stephen is away on vacation this week and will be back first thing Monday to help you with some of the finer details

Intake pump not working - this is not good obviously. Customer support has probably gotten further on this one with you, but a replacement is in order if all of this stands

Chiller - while a great accessory, it’s not absolutely necessary. This is something we’re considering adding to future products, but as long as the unit is around room temp it should grow your cannabis just fine

3,4,5 not dosing - what type of water are you using? What stage is your plant in? If your plant has not reached veg yet, and you are using tap water then 3/4/5 will not have been used yet

WiFi problems - these issues have happened to a handful of users. We may have a better solution down the road for you as we’re evaluating options, but, for now, our protocol is as follows: if your router and Grobo are far from each other try cutting that distance down. Go into your router’s settings and ensure that your 2.4GHz signal is at max broadcast strength. If you have an android phone try downloading an app called “WiFi analyzer” to see how strong your 2.4GHz WiFi signal strength is at the unit. If all of these things fail then ask customer support about this and we can try the next steps with you

Hope this info helps. If you need more answers feel free to ping me



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