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Sorry, but I don’t sugar coat shit and I don’t apologize for it either :+1::v::joy::scream::exploding_head:

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Thanks. Appreciate it. My box is indeed in the basement. I was actually worried that that would be too cold and I’d have to move it upstairs. How would I go about checking and adjusting the heat? Haven’t found anything in the app that lets me adjust like that? Must be missing it.

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No you aren’t missing anything. The box does NOT control heat or rh. If it’s too cold in the basement, use a programmable heater. You’re shooting for about 78 degrees in the box so you can typically get away with 68-72 degrees outside the box, which is why I say get a hygrometer for both inside and outside.

The box doesn’t control heat? Thought that was a big part of what I paid 2k for :confused:

Nope. Nor can you see any data, which is why I said a ph pen is your frien, along with hygrometers, heater if and when you need one, a dehumidifier if and when you need one and possibly a humidifier if you need one, but being in a basement you probably won’t need a humidifier, but will probably need a dehumidifier during flower :+1::joy:





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Hi SilverGrobo,

Thanks for the detailed response. Finding it hard to believe I gotta buy my own sensors to monitor my $2000 Grobo that has its own sensors.




I concur. We shouldn’t need to buy chillers either. There should be some type of temperature control.


Hey @kingm00re,

You don’t need to buy anything really. It’s an automated system that works well. If you have any plant concerns, email me at and I’ll tell you what is happening. Or, buy your own sensors and try your hand at growing without all the automation.

Up to you my friend,


That’s not entirely true. Fully automated gives people the impression that they put a seed in and the plant grows and dont have to do anything. Those of us who has been here awhile knows differently.

Entire plants have been lose due to ph , heat stress, and software issues. I’m not knocking grobo. I love my grobo but there are flaws. And until the flaws are fixed everyone should monitor their plants attentively.


Always open to feedback and improving. My point is if your plant is showing signs of stress, I can help. You don’t need to learn how to read pH/EC meters, spend extra cash and enter that whole world. I can translate for you from plant speak to data. We are building in more tools to replace me, thankfully. :wink:



My point being is when most people read fully automated they dont go back and look to see if the plant is showing signs of stress until it’s too late. They believe u pop the seed in the pod and you come back when it’s ready to smoke.

I’m going to say both @Stephen and @Mcmanis are partially correct. With regards to automation, Stephen is correct in that it does dose nutes and ph automatically, it does monitor rh and temp automatically (but we have no access to this data), the fans and light work automatically through the system, and we can drain and fill with a touch of a button. Yes all pretty much automatically. Now where McManus is right is there are/have been issues with ph dosing causing wild swings in ph resulting in bottom leaves slowly dying and stressing the plant (which is why we need to monitor ph). Also issues with the air pump dying so people need to get a better air stone.

I think the real issue that needs to be addressed on the site is the importance of the environment one places their grobo in. A space that is relatively cool and has a somewhat stable rh then the machine will work better, but rh and temp need to be monitored and adjusted throughout the plants life cycle. Different stages take different values to grow at her optimum best. Grobo certainly does not do this so yes many of us need a humidifier and or dehumidifier, as well as a small heater at times. Some might just go with an air conditioner. I could go on, but while the box does automate many features it is not “fully” automated, and new growers need to understand the environment they intend to grow in so they can make informed decisions. Environmental factors have a great deal to do with a lot of the issues growers face here, but the grobo also has a number of shortcomings, and it’s fair share of mechanical hiccups.


I wish I could give you double hearts.



Hey Stephen, that’s great and all, but many of us want to “learn”about this stuff. But more to the point, sometimes it’s that wait in time for a response, that does more damage to the plant than if we had said data ourselves. We wouldn’t then have to wait for a response. Don’t get me wrong, response is usually quick, but if you have an issue on a long weekend then, well we wait hope and pray, while being as stressed as our plants or even more so lol


Great feedback everyone, I’m listening!

Thanks for sharing,


Listening is good. Responding is better. I submitted a ticket my ph is off again

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Thanks guys. This has been incredibly helpful.

It was time to change my water on day 8 (even though my seed hasn’t germinated?), so I decided it was a good time to move the grobo upstairs (72F) from Basement (60-65F). Hopefully this helps get her started.

My assumption going in was that the box would be self contained, sealed & regulate temp & humidity. I’m sure it says somewhere it doesn’t, but I didn’t read that anywhere.

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