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I had 3 northern lights seeds fail to germinate. This did not provide many picture taking opportunities. I’m now trying Bakerstreet, which is now a strapping two day old sprout!

Have you posted any pictures of your harvest?

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Hope you removed the dead seed hat :tophat::fu::+1:

No!!! I’ll do that as soon as I get home. Quick question, why?? I know nothing about growing anything.

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Ps. Thank you @osage

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Because dead plant matter invites pests and mould!(well maybe not mould per se, but definitely pests) :fu::+1::beer:

Copy that. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well Hello Everyone
I just preordered one of the Grobo Solids and am very much looking forward to its arrival in the fall.
I’ve never attempted to grow before but with Ontario being legal now and not thrilled with OCS pricing or quality(so many crumble dry purchases now ) I figured it was time to look into a DIY solution. I was happy to see grobo was Canadian and had already an existing product released.
So now its time to do alot of reading this summer :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Steve and I have recently purchased a Grobo and looking forward to delivery. I bought for medical reasons because of ddd and other injuries from the service. I’m currently waiting for Blueberry OG Limited Edition FEM - and wondering what recipe I should use to get things going. I’m hoping that this will help out with my chronic pain. I wake up all hours of the night in pain and have a hard time getting back to sleep. Each morning is a challenge for me. So with that being said, I have been reading through forums because I’m new at this and I want to get a better understanding on the process of things. Looking forward to chatting and learning more.


Welcome @Bloodydrake and @Steve the all growers community is pretty cool. Always someone willing to give advice. I hope you like it here.


@Steve to answer your question it looks like our strain is a hybrid. If your strain is not currently in the database you can use a generic hybrid recipe and @Stephen with grobo support can help you tweak it


Thank you. Still awhile till I receive but good to know.


@OhNoGro @Bloodydrake and @Steve,





Welcome :wave:t3::wave:t3:

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Hey there folks,
I am Don from the EU. I started medicating with cannabis a couple of years ago, out of curiousity and as a self-testing experiment which luckily went on to be quite succesfull. Due to difficulties getting said medicine I started looking around for home-growing options and stumbled upon the grobo which I backed soon after - in the early days. I am waiting for quite a while now and hope that the EU shipping becomes a reality soon. Officially I sure want to use the grobo for chilis, off-season tomatoes and ofc mint to have mojitos all year round. :man_shrugging: I mean, why not, really. Also I am lookin forward to try-out different strains to find the right one for medicating.




((#Welcome))… ((#LoveYourPortraitPhoto))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::wave:


Hey, yall.

I am Sebastian. I just purchased my pre-order Grobo and can’t wait! I am from Texas, USA. I am a house plant enthusiast.

Looking forward to growing my own yerba buena, sharing my grows, and learning from yall.


Welcome to the grobo family. Feel free to ask us anything. We love to help.


Hey Don!
I´m in a similar position. I noticed there´s only 7% of required backers as of yet. So how do we get more backers in the EU?

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