Ilgm strawberry kush

Nice pick on the seeds. That strain looks like a good combo.


@vegetato @Russel_Richardson I put the bud into jars today , my room stays at 70 , with a more than large fan blowing because I like the cold with my ibs . But the buds are dry I gave them a squeeze and it was a crunch . So I decided to jar them up , I did do the stem test and about 80% snapped .


@vegetato shine you’re light on me man wish me good luck my first auto popped up today ! Good and growing strong !


Lookin’ good! I never quite get the temps/humidity right when curing but it still turns out pretty good.

Would have to say it’s easier to get it right if it’s a bit too dry than if it’s too wet – I’ve had jars go bad (mold, ammonia smell, rot, you name it I’ve seen it) from being too wet but it’ll just be a bit harsh from being too dry; at least one is still usable!

Follow what Russ said for burping (allowing humidity to escape/vent) daily and it should turn out fine. :green_thumb:


Curring: properly dry before curring.
Cure for 2 - several months.
Open mason jars 30 min 2xday for first week then daily for a week.
After 2 weeks open less frequently but continue to store in a jar.
If it gets moist add Boveda packs to reduce humidity.
If too dry add Boveda to add humidity (two way pack).
Best placed in a cool, dry, dark place.
Harvest can be stored in this manner for 5 yrs or longer provided no moisture causes mold issues, if so its not healthy to smoke.


Awesome!! Here she is ready to rock


Revive stains everything :slight_smile: my grobo is clean I swear !


Just to be safe I took the small clear jar my little bit of big nugs and the second blue jar and laid the bud back out I know my first jar is dryer than the Sahara desert !


I clean my Grobo with alcohol it works good on most stains.


@Russel_Richardson @vegetato will a 130watt be okay for a 3x3 ? I’m doing a tent grow and want to know if that will be okay only want one plant or 2 nothing too much , just want to get potential out of the plant !

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I have :zero: tent experience my man lol. I just googled your question and it says 350 watts for a 3x3. :man_shrugging: Lol. I’m not the one to answer this, sorry lol


I think I’m going to go 2x2x6 I need to ask that one grobo champion @chris_barfield but yeah 140watt led not an off brand L cheapo will be coming in on tuesday , gorilla tent makes a 2x2 5,7 that I’m going to buy . Hopefully someone can give me some advice .

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Besides the spectrum itself (enough red/blue/full spectrum at the right times), the par efficacy is all that really matters. 140W might be a bit low for a 3x3 unless it’s a newer board. The simplest value to optimize for (or rule a light in/out by) is the uMol/J - you want that to be around or above 2.0.

Shoot over the model # that you purchased, can let you know what its value is if I see the manufacturer’s specs on the light.

Here’s a quick 'n dirty way to get a close approximation of what that value is, keeping in mind that the manufacturer’s specs aren’t always achievable in all cases (i.e. taken in best case scenario):


From that, it looks like this light I’m looking at is pretty good at 2’ distance but then drops off (to a lower value than we’d like) below that point.

The other angle to look at this by is the total distance of illumination (in addition to measuring from just top down in the very center), the same calculation can be used here (total drain in watts divided by uMol/s for uMol/J):


This example is from the grow light I chose for my 2x2. It dies off in the corners and past 2’ height fairly quickly, but I picked it for the triple dimmer switches (can change red/blue/white color individually) and got it for a good price.

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It might also help to mention that these are "ideal’ numbers, going much past that point requires additional tuning (co2, climate control, etc).

This is a fairly good read if you’re interested in some of the more technical details, and why 35W/sqft is about right for an average tent (so ~140W for 2x2 is probably fine to begin with and get some experience with the tent):


Will this due :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t look like a bad lamp (questionable/lower end maybe) but I am a bit skeptical on whether or not it’s enough for a 3x3. :thinking:

  • the LEDs themselves are claimed to be samsung, so they should at least be of good quality; that’s important
  • the par values aren’t great, but also aren’t really horrible either; about average for the lower end lights – note their advertised readings are at 12" distance as opposed to the typical 24"
    • seems like it might be barely enough for a 2x2
  • the wifi mc and related circuitry is probably inflating that price a bit, i.e. $30-50 (or more) of the price is not in “the lights” themselves (it’s in the smart features)
    • that is bad in that when comparing this to a $99 light without those features there’s a good chance the other light has more “power” in general
    • the good thing about that is that you get an app to control the lights and that it has a temp and humidity sensor built-in, that’s pretty cool/useful

There aren’t many reviews of those lights online, I’m a bit curious how you found them?

If it’s just a single plant and you’re on top of adjusting the height it might do just fine. Really hard to say without testing it out or seeing more 3rd party reviews.

This was the info I looked at:

Key Features

  • 【SUNLIKE Full Spectrum】 a full-cycle spectrum highly match with McCree curve (the action spectrum of photosynthesis) that optimizes the harvest (expect boosting of 30% of yield)
  • 【SAMSUNG Chip LEDs】 Samsung 3500K LEDs provide ultra-high intensity WHITE light increase canopy light penetration. Enriched the spectrum with an extra 660nm RED light to promote flowering and fruit production
  • 【SMART App】 Turn grow light ON/OFF remotely; Adjust Brightness (25% / 50% / 75% / 100%); Select Modes (VEG / BLOOM / FULL); Set Time Schedules; Voice Control (Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant)
  • 【REAL-TIME Temp + Humidity】 Built-in with temperature and humidity sensor, in-App real-time monitoring graph and alerts will be sent to the user when temperature or humidity inside the tent beyond the threshold limit
  • 【EASY Setup at home】 Easy setup with hanging-kit, idle for indoor growing tent (2"x2" for 4 medium pots, 3"x3" for 4 large pots). Low power consumption LEDs (actual operation power 240W) and dimmable, significantly reduce your electricity bill compared to MH or HPS lamps


  • LED: 221 pcs LEDs (Samsung 3500K White LEDs, 660nm Red LEDs)
  • Real Power: 130W (+/-5%), Replace 1200w HPS
  • PPFD: >700 μmol/m²/s at height of 12", hanging inside a 2’ x 2’ grow tent
  • Lifespan: >50,000 hrs
  • Core Coverage: 2’ x 2’ tent (Max: 3’ x 3’)
  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60HZ
  • Decibel Value: <54dB
  • Working Temperature: 50°F-113°F, Humidity: ≤90%RH
  • Measurement: 12.2" x 8.5" x 2.4", Weight: 5.07lbs
  • Product Dimension: 12.2" x 8.5" x 2.4" (310 x 215 x 60 mm)
  • Product Weight: 5.4lbs (2.45kgs)
  • Integrated myLumii App for grow lights and other devices (support Apple iOS, Google Android)
  • Warranty: 2 years
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I ordered the 2x2 x 5,7 from gorilla tent . It says 140 watts , I hope everything works out ! But that was the point of getting the light to control it by the app like grobo . I’m excited found this light a long time ago , I just hope it works like you said !

But I’m only growing one plant . That’s I want:)

Just a good size mother

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