I think new Grobo 2 is dead?

I am a VERY upbeat and positive type person, plus almost always medicated :rofl: and Grobo 2 is frustrating even me. So I know others might be a lot more upset than I have been. I fixed or thought I did, everything wrong with the new Grobo 2, finally after a week or 3 even, I started a grow.

First I noticed some fan issues, OK I can live with it, I have extra fans. :grinning:

Then I noticed the plant not growing like the others and low and behold the air pump is not working either. OK again I can live with it, I have extra air pumps :rofl: and just hooked one up. No fussing got it working wasn’t going to even say anything here.

So NOW it will not even do a drain and fill or drain at all or fill at all and that is where I need to say, I am not OK now as this is not something simple I can fix with things I have.

Today instead of getting my 3rd Grobo going, I need to try to move my grow from Grobo 2 to Grobo 3 and one uses a peat pod and the other a coco pod, so hope I dont kill it, but it is going to die in Grobo 2 anyways so might as well try.


One by one these problems are backing up.

I’d say buy one of the peat pod lids for your new refurbished one but all of the products on all of the sites I know about are ALL sold out.

Something bigger that just holiday time off is going on here.


Thanks, I did not think of that, I can just move the entire lid maybe for now as I wont be using Grobo 2. :grinning:

I need to see if that lid fits in it.

I already tried and it’s a bit too small

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I also think there is a tiny water leak, but not sure as I am a slob :rofl: and not that careful, but I had to get some paper towels this morning and soak up a little water at the very bottom from where you open the door.

The fan just turned on for no reason. I was standing there and it just started. :grinning:

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Damn what a bummer to hear this I hope you get her up and running issue free here soon, I would be all bent out of shape! Technology aye?? LOL

Technology is what it is but SUPPORT can be controlled.


I agree but they do a damn good job in my opinion. It is the holidays after all, they are humans just like me and you, they want a break from work as well. You have to understand they cannot be here for us every time we develop a new pimple you know!

@Todd.grobo you are a human correct? :joy:
Did not know if you were a robot haha


You are new and excited. I get that but none of the problems that popped up this week should be reduced to calling them “pimples” as they are very real for the people who are experiencing them.

I hope your grow goes well…

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II am going to go try to move the grow, be back and hope it goes well.


So it only gets worse. My Grobo 3 is useless as it will not calibrate the probes. Finish’s says OK, tests again, not OK, test OK, then not OK???

So I have 3 Grobos and 2 dont work???


When I was setting mine up I found the calibration way easier (and actually successful) when I went through the website versus the app. Might be worth a try?


I will try that as I still have all the solution in glasses to test with.

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I was not trying to be a dick head I am just saying I know I have had 5 or so problems myself but with time they will all resolve out, Trust me I know it is frustrating I was shitting bricks about my drain hose, and it was a whole ordeal, but they hooked me up with a new hose for no additional charge! They really do care about their customers it just takes some time for a reply sometimes!

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Normally I would agree, their customer service has been TOP NOTCH! Unfortunately, I can’t back them up right now. No warning of no support for this week, possibly next…that’s not customer service.


No company takes an entire week off with absolutely nobody checking in or looking after their number one service which is support and then to go AWOL with not even a notice? Really?

Something else is afoot…


As a new user, having spent a ton of money on an item like the Grobo, to have support go from being super attentive and available to being ghosted is unsettling to say the least.


I feel the exact same


My apologies for venting, on Four Locos, edibles and some killed flower. :grinning: Just ignore me.