I think new Grobo 2 is dead?

Wow @TheDogMan you sure did a 180 spin-a-roo didn’t ya?

If you don’t mind, as I will probably have to find a new company myself, who did you buy from?

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Good luck on selling them. I’m offering my Gen 2 for a $1000 bucs and not even one 1 inquiry.

But with everything going on this week, I didn’t really expect anyone to want it.

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I am VERY positive type person :grinning: only when 2 out of 3 fail and cost me $3000, sure $3k is not much, just I get frustrated. I wanted to also SHOW OFF my Grobo room for the holidays and now what, 2 out 3 dont work. Not much to show… :rofl: Plus I now will have lost $75 in seeds trying to get Grobo 2 going, about $100 in nutes that just drained, bought extra fans and air pumps as everything seems to be failing???

I can’t say here what I bought as I do respect the forums, except it is the only one I found that has a drain pump same as Grobo, so you dont have to take the entire tank out like some others. You also do not need the ph probes and other things as the nutes they use balance it. The only downside is, you MUST lean to bend and do things to it so you can get larger grows. You can also control EVERYTHING which I really like. You set the times, you set the lights, you set the fans.

Your better off getting it working and selling locally on FB or Craigslist I think. I plan to get mine working, then will decide from there. I want to see how the new box is too. This is something I been wanting a while, was going to buy one before Grobo 2 came out.

I couldn’t in good conscience sell something to someone that has no support or products designed for it being sold anymore. Nothing on grobo site, nothing on rightbud other than units, same with Amazon from what I can find. Sadly, over the last 2-3 days I have seen Grobo personnel icons showing up as active, on for about 5-10 minutes, then gone without a word. I’m not impressed right now, and I feel for all users equally. 1)The ones who have been with grobo for a while, know what their customer service has been like, bought additional units that came with issues and now radio silence. 2) The new users that this seems to be their initial introduction to Grobo support, who just want to get growing, but have no contact…I PROMISE this was not the company we’ve all been dealing with.

I will say this though, regardless of whatever is going on, I will continue to do what I can to help wherever possible. I love this community and the people I’ve gotten to know and help, and will continue to do so regardless of whatever outcome is headed our way before or after the holidays! I will continue to hope that there’s something happening in the background that we aren’t aware of, but moves to a positive outcome.


UPDATE. I started Grobo 3 with the bad probes and all. I hope to get a few days in and then support offers suggestions. :grinning: If not, I will have to adjust and check everything manually I guess??

I want to use them, I have 3 and only 1 going…



You are persistent if nothing else. I wish you luck and at this point I am hoping/praying that this is all just a miscommunication slip and things will be back to normal soon. Maybe next week or at least by the first of the year.

Your going to need more space for your collection of grow boxes that seems to be growing day by day!


I am a huge Grobo fan or I would not have bought 3, planning for 4 even. I give every benefit of the doubt, if anything happens as you never know. It’s why I am trying to make something good out of bad :grinning: even though it might not work. Grobo 3 should be “OKish” enough for a few days or a week or so, then I hope back to normal here.

The other box I ordered, I dont know. I wanted it before Grobo 2 came out, then Grobo 2 came so I went with that. You can’t really learn a lot with Grobo, you let THEM do it all. This one, its automatic after YOU set everything :grinning: so YOU have to know some what your doing.


Since your profile is hidden, I can’t pm you. So did you buy a Dealzer?

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The website is down or something. It was the Cash Crop 7 on 4 payments. I figured why not try it.

Then you don’t have to worry about internet or Grobo or anything else.