I have a problem

I went to top off my water and when I opened my grobo everyone was wilted. I dunno what going on. I’m flushing the roots right now.

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Did your air pump fail?

No it’s still going. 4 days ago she was fine. I just filled the tank gonna see how she responds to fresh water. I submitted a support ticket.

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Check your ph and your water temp. Look at the roots, do you have root rot

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After all she’s been through, we don’t want you to lose her now… :scream::worried::fearful:


I cant lift the lid shes too tall. I’ve been giving her hydroguard since week 3 how can there be rot.

Is the stem intact @Mcmanis?

Yes all intact just slumping over

I managed to check the roots. No slime or residue. The last time she wilted like this was because of lack of food but I swear I fed her. She too old to get new leaves. I dunno what to do I’m so close to the end

If the water is too warm you will get root rot no matter, even if you’ve been giving her hydroguard. It’s what I was plagued with for so long. Ph issues, compounded with water that was too warm which is why I had such a hard time diagnosing it. I truly think that’s your issue. My plants did the same. Root rot makes it impyfor the plant to uptake any nutes and any real ph swing does her in.

You said “I fed it” are you feeding your own nutes? And if so are you checking ppm? If you are feeding independently of grobo nutes, you may have over fed her and now have a salt build up which is preventing her from taking up fresh nutes. Slam her with revive, drain and fill with new nutrients and ph@d water and wait is what I’d do

Also check where the stem meets coco pod, she may have developed damping off

That part of the stem is firm. The cocopod is dry

Ok so that leaves nute lockout, over fed I’m thinking. If you’ve changed water and flushed the roots, then give her new water with revive

And I say over fed it because you mentioned under feeding it previously. We tend to swing like a pendulum early in our growing adventures. I know I did, still do from time to time :joy::+1::v:

I always gave her the same amount. Hopefully the flush helps

Well, there has to be something that happened for such a dramatic result, good luck :+1::v:

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i’m confused?!? What would be the advantage of adding additional nutrients to an automatic system that is designed to do that exact job for you?

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My system is down. It’s been down for months. Cant fix it til after harvest. It does dispense food. That’s why she almost died before

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Ah kk. Must have missed that one. :crossed_fingers: