I got a "Sweet Tooth"

I cut 3 or 4 leaves already today should I do it now or tomorrow

Now is fine

Also those last large fan leaves are right next to the two main colas should I wait to cut those

did a little dental work on osage and Rob’s advice


Lookin good, but take everything from the bottom up to about 20% of the plant. All that little stud goes so she can focus on upward growth

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Did you watch Stephen’s ((#YouTubeVideo)):

Ultimate Grow Guide Video New Release



It’s your call, but if the roots are too big now, then I would put it in after this grow when you clean it for the next grow… I wouldn’t want to rip the roots off the main stem as one poor soul did accidentally somehow {[@Mcmanis ]}… :frowning_face:

My roots have come off!

I would… also to help, bend or snip extra large leaves off above to give light to the lower bud sights…



I did, but I mean certain leaves. Like large ones on the top


Yes if they’re blocking other bud sites


Ok. I thought cutting the higher leaves was not recommended. I’ll probably wait a few days since I cut so much of it yesterday


Nah you can cut the big ones away so that the smaller ones can grow and get the bud sites under some light. That or you can just tuck them right underneath. I was doing more tucking this grow so I didn’t have to do a lot of cutting. Only trimmed my plant probably 4 times throughout the whole process. Like full trims I mean. Might take the odd leaf off here and there but for the most part I was tucking

Could that stress the plant out from the back to back cutting. I did tuck them though a while back

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It’ll stress her a bit, but she’ll recover rather quickly :+1::v: Remember, it is a weed :joy:


I feel like it does in the Grobo. Idk, I’m growing outside right now and I have outdoors in the past and it seems more forgiving. Maybe it’s cause it’s in soil as well, I don’t really know enough to say. Just going by what I noticed from my first grow. I maybe trimmed 1/2 as much or even more on this one and visual results look better but we’ll see once it’s all harvested etc.

some of the undergrowth came back I think


@Stoned you can cut those leaves out too. :+1:

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today new growth, goes into flower stage tonight


day 40 and she’s looking nice and green


second pic looks a little blurry


I didn’t get my weekly notification to change my water, should I or does it not get changed for an extended period of time

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No keep doing it when you’ve been doing it

I extended my flower a couple weeks and stopped getting the drain and fill notifications but I still do it every Wednesday. It knows to dispense nutes