I can’t get my Probes in the hole!

They won’t fit in the hole. not sure if i’m doing it wrong but. it just doesn’t fit in whole. not sure if i can open up the hole a bit more


Can you post a pic of your probe holder?

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It’s like they were suppose to switch it around



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You don’t want to see that !

Take the caps off

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:joy::joy::joy: thats funny

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the whole isn’t round enough the caps are off. they didn’t make the holes wide enough

it doesn’t slide in at all

I believe the holes were mixed up with the pump hose and other black hose it looks like it should have been switched around

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Got ya, have you reached out to support? If not obviously go ahead and do so, I’m sure they will send you a new rack. You can just hang them in there for the time being and start your grow if you’d like, assuming they can shop the part out soon-ish your plant will be small enough to where you will be able to make the swap without harming anything.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: yes it is.

MAN, I have the same problem. This sucks. 14 days ago this happened to you so obviously I got a unit made by the same person more than likely…

I’m a little upset though that they didn’t check this despite knowing of this issue before sending me one.

Looks like if they send me a new rack I can probably replace it myself. The EC and pH meters aren’t in there, so that’s not a problem, and the nutrients hoses can be taken out easily it seems like and replaced carefully… The only thing that I wonder about is the two black hoses for the drain and fill. The one that fills looks easy to take out and put back in, but the drain hose, does that just screw on?

EDIT: For now, I have the meters hanging down in as far as I can, pretty similar to where they would be in the holders, and I took some electrical tape to secure them so they don’t fall in by chance. Cords are all running behind the reservoir and helping them hang the best I could…

Am I safe to assume that the placement of the meters is not as relevant as the fact they should be in the water to get a reading, right?

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Hey I just had this problem with mine, as well… a newly manufactured unit.

It’s totally a manufacturing defect - the holes are just too small for the probes, and no one at Grobo bothered to check. I fixed it leaving the rack in place and just boring the holes out slightly using a 1/2" drill bit. After that, you can slide the probes in smoothly and they’ll seat properly against the rack on their caps (mounted deep enough to be useful).


Nice! Glad you fixed it

I got ahold of support and they said that it was a manufacturing error form their plastic maker.

They said using a 9/16 drill bit (Regular drill bit) will bore the holes large enough, or alternatively they would send a new rack and give instructions on how to replace it.

Since I was too excited and didn’t wanna wait any longer I have them draped in the water and asked support since I had a 1 inch tall seedling if it would be safe to keep this grow going the way they are. They said it would be okay, and also will check to make sure they are working properly in my recipe when the water level is lowered.