Pump and wrack problem

so not only can’t i put my probes in the hole of the wrack i noticed my pump isn’t working either i have it on germination mode to. i noticed other ppl with this problem to. i opened the bsck didn’t feel no vibration at all coming from pump

Just go to Walmart or a pet store and get an external pump and take the line that’s on the internal pump and put it on your external pump then plug it in and you’re good to go :+1::v:


I shouldn’t be responsible for the price i paid. Ready to grow in 30 mins but i can’t even put my probes in support holes it belongs to and now, my pump never been working. just frustrating

Did you put a ticket in? @Stephen @Dani should be able to help you. There is a chance that the connection for the air pump became dislodged during shipment, which is not uncommon.


To confirm, you have started your recipe correct?

yea i’m on day 2

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Is your light running properly?