Hydroponic system

I’ve been using floraflex nutrients for my last 2 growth and I’m quite satisfied.
Trying to find out what I need for a 120cm X 120m tent Coco hydroponic system but…I can’t find a decent tutorial. Otherwise 8d order the whole kit right away.
Somebody can tell me what and where to buy in Europe for the best of the systems. I could Imagine s.th. between 6 and 12 plants.
Btw, the foliars, full tilt and the electric sprayers haven’t reached Europe, yet??
Norway I just not the place to buy this stuff. Not even the nutrient seller could tell me much about how I build up a decent system.


I understand this is a long post to read but a lot of good information here on what some members have done. Have you seen this topic?


Thanks @Mpower11
I’ll take my time and hope to find what I’m looking for in your link😉 Budget isn’t the problem so I hope I’ll find a good and working solution. Now I’m growing in aeroponics from GHE which convinced me already a decade ago…I haven’t seen anything grow so fast and healthy. After a decade it’s time to change the system. I got som algae because I don’t manage to keep some light off the roots because my locks begin to become a bit crooked, slipping in light.
Anyway, thanks Mark! Stay safe and on the green side, fellow growers!:mask::four_leaf_clover::pray: