Hydroguard vs Orca

Has anyone here been running Orca in DWC? I’m interested to find out how it compares to hydroguard.

Judging by a glance at advertised numbers alone, it looks like Orca is only about 1/3rd less concentrated (24,960 CFU/mL vs 40,000 CFU/mL), though upon further calculation (when each is used as recommended) it equates to being less than 1/6th the concentration of hydroguard.

The numbers I’m talking about are:

  • 1mL orca vs 4mL hydroguard (recommended preventative doses for 2 gallon reservoir)
  • orca contains 24,960 CFU/mL for a total of 24,960 CFU
  • hydroguard contains at least 40,000 CFU/mL for a total of at least 160,000 CFU

I currently use hydroguard + great white (+ root rescue) but have had my eye on Orca for months, in a few more res changes it will be time to pick up some more hydroguard but I have been considering switching to Orca instead of the first two.

My main concern is in the amount of reduction (of that strain of bacteria) that’d be entailing. I often use 12mL of hydroguard just to use it up faster, but perhaps that’s been extreme and the Orca would suffice.


Orca and great white are the same thing … not sure what your question is to be honest … hydrogaurd is one form of bacillus while orca/great white are multiple strains … I think your overloading you’re res with mykos and bacteria which in essence is wasting your money… I’d say pick one and use that… dwc is harder to run bennies effectively as there are no places for the bennies that can latch onto and live once the roots are in inoculated… if your gunna run that much throw an aquarium coral in the bottom for them to live in and survive … little tip I learned from some who works in a cultivation facility …

But orca and great white are the same thing made by the same company only difference is one liquid form to be used better in automated watering lines… as great white is granular and can clog the water lines

Pick a myko and pick a Bennie no need to keep dumping different products that do the same thing


The question is basically whether or not Orca was sufficient to replace hydroguard. It looks much less concentrated.

My preference is also to have it in liquid form, i.e. yes the same product but not the same medium. I used great white to make some soil last year and later used what I had on hand in the grobo as well. The big question here is are the doses really “equivalent” or is the powder in any way better – the liquid is more expensive.

I agree that it’s probably being overloaded, which is why I’m thinking of eliminating hydroguard from the equation.


The doses wouldn’t be equivalent in terms of measurement as the delivery system is different. But the concentrations of cultures are relatively the same. One difference is the great white can be used as a roofing powder… if your not running any watering lines then either or would be ok… I use orca myself alongside recharge in coco coir. Orca is more expensive more so because it costs more to ship since it’s a liquid and it’s heavier … me personally would stick with orca in dwc but like you said it’s more expensive…

Here’s a trick though i also use extreme gardening mykos and that comes in a super granular delivery system so what I do is soak the granules in water for a bit then I take a syringe and take out some of the water and add it to me medium… or feed … this allows you to extract the mykos without having to worry about the granules dropping to the bottom of the tank and wasting your product … so in essence you can turn great white into orca with a little effort


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