Humidifier needed 🤔?


Its only day 4 of Germination but my humidity seems to be keeping low against the recommended 70+ RH during Germination

I’m even more surprised as I’m :uk: & didn’t think i would suffer with R.H :thinking:!
Am I over thinking things & should my R.H increase with early veg or do I look at getting a Humidifier & been looking @ a:

Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic Humidifier 6L

& if any good :thinking:??

Was thinking of placing it down do the side or on top :thinking:??

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I got this one… it was broken when i got it… returned it.

I say, don’t buy!

Can you get this one in UK?

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Its got a app! its got a app! :rofl::+1::rofl::+1:

Definitely keep that one in mind but gonna leave till EV & see then me finks :wink:

& yes I can :+1::


@miami5th @OrionsCeiling and myself all use this one… it does wonders.

@OrionsCeiling said he accidentally had humidity at 99% from this!

I can get mine up to 70%++ if i wanted too, as well.


So you all seem to think I need to order one yeah :thinking:?:wink:?

Really never gave R.H a thought but maybe temp in winter :flushed: Go Figure :roll_eyes:! Lol

UK one is Not wifi :roll_eyes: so I’m on it…:+1::wink:

& Where Is the best placement btw :wink:?? Not too close I’ve read :thinking:??


Yeah, I say get one… better chances of good growth in the early stages.

Winter is naturally low in RH as the temperature is lower wihch cannot hold as much humidity


True :+1:

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I use that same humidifier but usually only for the first couple of weeks.


Till its starts to warm up yeah :wink:??

Or you mean in early veg :thinking:!!! Lol

& Is it a pain to clean like reviews say :roll_eyes:?..Saw after :flushed:!:wink:!

With how things are atm I might get it by 25th…2021 :roll_eyes:!:mask:!:rofl:!

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During germination & early veg, just to help it along those first couple of weeks.

Without that my humidity will hover around 20-30% most days, usually on the lower end. Some days (like yesterday) that can spike up to about 50% if it’s really wet outside (and that’s without the humidifier running) but that’s not something I can rely on.

A while back I had read that (in a DWC hydro setup such as ours,) so long as the roots are functioning and the plant is healthy there’s not much need for additional humidity in the room as the plant has more than enough water available to it. This is why I only pull out the humidifier during the first weeks OR if there’s any issue at the roots (like root rot).


Got ya :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the heads up m8 :wink:

I use Hydroguard from start but I understand :wink:

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Right :wink:!

Hopefully this will sort my low R.H :slightly_smiling_face::

Set to Auto @ 30% (lowest setting)

Not stopped or showed down misting yet & not 100% up on operations but hear goes :wink:

If anybody has some advice on when & how long i should run it please shout :wink:

Oh & I’ve now read the operating manual… Fully :flushed:!:rofl:!

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  • (Are You Sure):? :question: (it looks like Its Running Full Tilt Still At 56% RH): {:thinking: :thought_balloon:}:

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  • (WordsFromTheWiseGrowFam): {:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:}:


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On Auto & room @ 22° it sets RH @ that amount

But that made No difference with my grobo

Moves Humidifier closer & had to Manually Set RH @ 70% just to get a decent 40 in grobo…Might need to reduce that tho as I might start swimming :roll_eyes:!:rofl:!

Grobie Still only reading +/- 40% though :roll_eyes: & been on overnight & morning :exploding_head:!:sweat_smile:!..


Hope you figure it out.

I’m worried personally about the moisture coming out of that, and it’s located right above a power strip… that seems risky. The humidity will drop to the floor if you don’t mix it with the air or raise that humidifier up o_O

Anyone else?


I’ve moved it now :metal: & there was no power cable only USB m8 :wink:

I see what you mean now sorry :flushed::wink: there’s absolutely No damp/condensation accumulating around the strip but thanks for caring :wink: :metal::v:

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Okay, well just be careful. It might not seem like it for now, but the longer you run the humidifier, and it hits a certain level of RH% in your room, it may start turning to condensation/droplets… trust me. My floor got soaking wet once or twice from using it on the floor. Wouldn’t happen right away, but after a few hours of using it all of a sudden it would be wet…

I think once the RH hits somewhere in the 60-70% in the room it starts turning to droplets? Idk.

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Duh, it’s the Dew Point

“Dew Point - the atmospheric temperature (varying according to pressure and humidity) below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form.”

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