How many plants to a reservoir?

I’m trying to figure out a nute deficiency. Is it possible for one plant to take up more nutes than others only to leave a little bit left to split between the others? I have 2 reservoirs connected together with total around 4 gallons between both. I’m dosing as the bottle says. Should I be doing anything different since there’s 4 plants or just follow by the gallon and go by that? Thanks once again




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Are all the plants the same strain?

Different strains can pull nutes harder than others… But I don’t think that is the reason your plant is showing deficiency

I think if your looking for someone to offer a opinion I believe you should post

  1. Pictures
  2. What is your PH
  3. What is the Ec
  4. What product line for nutes are you using

This would be a good starting point


Short answer is yes. I always warn people to not plant basil with cannabis in the Start because basil eats up nutrients like a pig and cannabis is slower to the troff so it loses the battle.


If you’re talking about cannabis only then that’s a yes as well. Some strains are known to attack their nutrients faster than others.


@Wake I could be wrong but it sounds to me @Stick_figure has 4 Cannabis plants in a tent the way I read this… unless I totally missed something


You are right. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I read it fast and wanted to respond to the post.


Sorry should of added more info in the first post @Wake @Mpower11. I have been messing around with a 4 plant hydro cabinet. I like to go all out and do as much damage as I can right out of the gate lol. I also have 2 reservoirs connected together and a chiller that I keep at 68.5. And as for same strains oh hell no! I had no clue that I should of grew the same strain all at one. I know now!! But 2 are autos that aren’t the same and the 2 sativa I don’t think are the same. Lol. Remember I like to get into as many problems as I can so I can learn from each of them. As for nutes I’m using gh floraduo at general blend. I was using a strong veg formula but saw this and thought I was over dosing them. But after going down that rabbit hole(we all know the one lol)I am leaning on that she needs more nitrogen. Ph is 5.8-6.0. And Ec is 1.7-1.9.


I grow different strains at the same time every grow… Don’t really think you made a mistake there…

Are all your plants auto’s or just 2 of them?

What is your water source? Tap? Ro? Etc

Can you example from start to finish how you make your nutes…


Also I recommend not to add more Nitrogen… I don’t believe that is the problem.

I see Calcium Deficiency look at this

And I’m thinking Manganese is the yellow

Answering the above questions will help identify if I’m correct or not


@Mpower11 I think you might of got it. I’m using rainwater with 22 ppm and a ec of 0. The ones up front are autos. Different strains. I have 4 strains I believe might be 3 if the 2 photos are the same.
Nutes I am using floraduo @1-1 A and B. Which is 2 tsp each per gallon. Now when I bought these nutes I was told had cal mag in it and didn’t need to add any. Sooooooo I’m guessing you nailed it on the head!!! I will get some today and do a fresh water change. What dose do you think I should start out with? What it says on the bottle or scale it back? Thanks for all the help!! I’m totally obsessed with learning as much as I can now!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So if I understand you right you are growing auto’s and photos in the same tent (location) if this is correct that is going to be very hard to grow correctly… I can add more to this topic if I’m understanding you correctly…

It may have some Cal/mag in it but to me the plant looks like its short Cal/mag (buy one that has iron in it also most do )

Take your rain water add cal/Mag to 0.3 EC or around 140 ppm… Then Mix your A then B… Then adjust Ph

also maybe it’s the picture but were all those plants sowed on the same date? 1 plant looks tiny and 1 looks big??


@Mpower11 yes you are understanding me correctly on the autos up front and photo in the back. The seeds popped a little bit apart. But I think what happened was when I tried to remove a lower branch I must have torn the stalk. I just noticed it a week ago. Did it a long time ago. That is why she is small I’m guessing. Still trying to play catch up. And will do on the cal mag :+1::+1::+1:


Is your plan to finish the Auto’s and Photo’s in the same tent if so?

Problem 1

When you want to flower the photo’s you must change your lighting to 12/12


Your auto are going to want 18 to 20 hours of light per day in flower…

What is your plant to address this? you could only give your auto 12 hours of light per day but I don’t think you will be happy with the results

Problem 2

When the auto’s change to flower your feed should be adjusted with less nitrogen… But if your photo’s are still in veg what is your plan to address this…

Growing different strains np at all in the same tent but in the future don’t mix photo’s and autos. that is just a no no…

Sorry to tell you this but you may as well come up with a plan now


To be honest I was gonna scrog the photos for a bit and as these are following my grobo grow. Well actually just the big one I was gonna watch for the autos to start to transition and when they do flip to 12/12. So lights and dose would be the same. Sounds good in my head but who knows. :rofl:


That will fix problem 2

But putting your auto’s with only 12 hours of light a day Will dramatically decrease your yield and bud size because they have a short life cycle.

This is just a FYI for you. I hope I’m wrong and it works out for you


Well I can stuff one auto in the other grobo I have if they weren’t so loud. But that still leaves one. But no worries. If this blows up in my face it’s all good. Only way to learn.


That’s how we learn no worries we have all done stuff like that.

Keep us posted how the cal/mag makes out. Hope that fixes your problem


Will do man.


@Wake So the cal mag definitely helped. And as for the what to do with the autos I decided to put one in each grobo and move the photo I have in the grobo to the my hydro cabinet.
Also I just noticed that the one plant on the left had slowly worked it’s way down a 1 1/2”. Now I know that’s not a issue. But should I leave it there so the canopy is somewhat even with the smaller one or scrog it and wait till she catches up?