Hmm nutrient burn

So all was well then my plant got nutrient burn. I changed water next day and was wondering if she’ll snap back soon or if there is anything else I should do or be aware of?


is it generally recommended to change out your water if your plant suffers nutrient burn? hope your plant is ok, i’m sure it will be!

You sure that’s nute burn? Typically it’s just the very tips of the leaves and doesn’t turn the whole leaf yellow

So probably not! Went to check on this morning and my plant was really yellow. I cut off the yellow leaves and did another water change with ph leveled water with just b52 and carboload and then I put into my plant through a water feeder. Checked the ph once inside bucket and it was high!?!? So I put ph down just in bucket until it was in range but that to me seems hard judge once it’s in bucket? I don’t know about plant. Here is a pic! Not sure what else to do? I hope I don’t lose my plant?


The only other thing I can think of is maybe try to put a whole 10 gallon bucket through plant to maybe rinse plant then add another ph leveled water and try again? But I don’t know if that will do anything

I wonder if I should start using 5 gallon buckets instead of 3.5

This is one of my favorite references for helping diagnose hydro issues:

If it were mine would probably be flushing with just pH’d water (+calmag) for a few days to a week, maybe bit more, and then reintroducing the nutes in smaller amounts, IF it’s not an issue in root system. Might get some better advice from @osage or @chris_barfield – I haven’t encountered this one in a hydro grow yet.

My best guess is that it looks like a nitrogen deficiency with signs of cal/mag deficiency, and those could be related if she’s not taking in enough N due to not enough cal/mag or something like that. Could also be pH related – which can change (swing) with temperature (so needs to be checked/adjusted daily if not multiple times a day). Also would be curious to know how much she’s drinking, if the reservoir is being emptied too much that can also mess with pH and nutrient strength – so your question about bigger buckets could also be the answer.

Have you been testing the water coming out (pH level, EC)? That might also give you a better idea of how much nutrient is being left behind (unused), i.e. EC in vs EC out.


My friend you locked out your plant from that ph issue… your best bet is to flush with phd water wait maybe a day and next feeding do half strength nutrients phd and let her recover a bit then Resumè feeding schedule and always ph that’s literally the most important thing


Thanks I’ll do that! I hope she lives. This is the first time I had this issue. Why do you think if ph level was right in mix ended up over 7.5-8 in bucket? I set ph at 6.2, Is this with the roots? I’ll do another water change tomorrow and hopefully she is on the mends. But wow a plant can go from healthy green to crap really quick! Hope she picks up

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Are you in coco or soil?

Thanks, I’ll do that. I’ll check on it again later. For some reason the ph level goes up after awhile? I keep putting ph down in bucket till it hits around 6.2. I drained the bucket this morning and filled it with ph balanced water and left it in with a little carbo load and b52 added. Tomorrow I’ll do another drain and fill with just ph balanced water. I hope that the plant makes it. It’s amazing on how quick things can turn on you and I just hope that she recovers and I don’t lose a plant! Good thing I do DWC or else it could of been both. I did the same for both as well! The one thing I think I did that might of caused this is when I do a refill, I tend to have a little more in my reservoir. When during the prior week I added water To my reservoir and ph to balance that amount and added during week to top off. I think that threw things off, but not sure.


My first post told me it didn’t go through so I wrote another and when I posted the first message was then posted? Odd

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If your in hydro your ph should be 5.5-6.5 you are way out of range

I always keep it those levels! I don’t know what happened on the way to bucket from my reservoir that made it go up? That’s what confuses me? I put the same ph balanced mix into other plant and it’s fine!
I always try to aim for 6.0 ph and I’m good.

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Yea something happened

Can plants snap back as quick as they go to shit?

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I’m hydro yes somewhat soil no

I can only help my hydro and girls snap back! Look at all those buds! :anguished:


So here they are today. I drained it and put plain ph balanced water in. The ph was still higher but not by that much. I brought it back down to 6. Got to check again though. I looked inside bucket and noticed quite a bit of sludge buildup and I use a 3.5 gallon bucket. I wonder about some hefty root build up and sludge can’t go well together. I have to imagine that can cause ph and nutrient issues. Not to much I can do about it though since I’m in a scrog and can’t change buckets! Hmm :thinking:!!
So then the question, do you know how to prevent this from happening or how to deal with it? Thanks


Get yourself a bottle of zerotol hc… kill anything living in that bucket literally instantly … if you can do that you can use hydro guard… or mycos to help eat that sludge which I’m assuming is an algae or of that nature … if you can’t get either of those you dump in hydrogyen peroxide… but if you really want to kill whatever is growing then zerotol hc is the way to go