Help! WiFi is down

My WiFi router shit the bed after a firmware update went sideways. I won’t have a replacement router until tomorrow evening (Wednesday).

-This happened Sunday evening - as far as I can tell.
-Water was last changed out Saturday morning.
-My plant is in the transition phase, day 54. (We added a week to veg stage because of topping)
-The lights still turn on and off as expected.

  • Plant “looks good”
  • Water level is low - maybe 50%


  • Can I add distilled water, or will this throw off the balance?
  • Is there any other way to get the unit to communicate with the servers?
  • Any other suggestions or best practices for this situation?

Thank you!

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Distilled and RO water is less likely to throw off your numbers. I mix the two every feeding and have never had a problem. If you only have a day or two before wifi router is replaced you should be fine.

If you add any water you will want to ph it at 5.7, before you add it to the res. I would first take a reading of your res ph to see where it’s at. If it’s high, ph the water you intend to add lower to make up for it and do the opposite if the res ph is too low​:+1::v::joy:

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Thanks for the reply’s everyone, much appreciated! I waited it out, received my replacement router and all is well now. Plant looks healthy and it does not appear that there was much impact. Thanks again!