Help please!

This is a pic of auto chemdog day 10/14 does this look correct or is their something wrong with the system itself?


Looks like it is fighting dampening off. Can you dry the pod

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How can I do that? But another person said it could be something wrong with the system itself that it might need calibration or something. But I’ve only used it once. This is the 2nd time I’ve used it.

@Todd.grobo may be on to something but personally I feel like seedlings that small will tend to fall over and die before they show such discoloration and mutation on the leaves themselves. He could be right but I would watch for signs of slumping a bit.

To answer the question about drying the pod:

  • Slide the pod upwards from beneath the reservoir lid. This will take some firm and steady pressure to get it loose from being wet and pushed down in there… Should give you some extra space above ground for improved air flow

  • Use paper towels and gently push on the top of the pod to suck up the moisture, Don’t push too hard to destroy the pod, and don’t touch the seedling if you can… this takes awhile and some determination

  • Use fans inside the Grobo to add airflow on the pod. Since your seedling is so small, avoid facing the fans at the actual seedling too much or keep on low, this is the 3rd preferred option because of how small your plant is imo.

This might also be caused by something involving your machine, as you suspect, which more than likely is probably a pH meter error.

Can you send us pictures of your bottles? Especially #1, #2 and then #5 as well… are they new for this grow or leftovers? That is important to judge. We wanna see if there’s a lot of #1 or #2 being used at the moment

You might need to do a pH health check via the Grobo app to make sure your pH probe is running, or send in a support ticket to Grobo to confirm… at this point it would be faster to do it yourself since support is offline and we can’t see the pH data ourselves - _-

To do this you’ll need:

  • pH 4.0 solution
  • pH 7.0 solution
  • warm soapy water
  • glass of tap water
  • possibly a brush to scrub probe clean (toothbrush, etc)

Also can you send another picture of the plant again today so we can see any progressions or changes in growth ? For the better or worse!


Also, are you still seeing/hearing bubbles in your water?

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