Help - need Gorilla Glue grow recipe

Hello all!

I’m kinda in a pinch today. I put in a Growers Choice Gorilla Glue seed (Auto) in my Grobo but didn’t look to see if there is a recipe for it (there isn’t). Currently there are only recipes for sativa/hybrids. I requested a recipe from Grobo but I haven’t heard back.

A) Does anyone have a good recipe for this strain that would be willing to help me out?

B) is it possible to make a grow recipe based off your suggestions for the Grobo?

Many thanks!!


There should be a hybrid auto recipe you can use until you hear back from support and they can help you find the right one after that if needed


Haha wow didn’t even see they had generic recipes! Thanks Wolf1


@poobandits Glad this was sorted out. Generic recipes are always a good way to go if your exact one doesn’t exist yet. New recipes are added every quarter or so but you’ll have a great grow with the generic ones too.

Just make sure to pick the auto recipe. You can look for the blue “A” in the corner:


So when will the new set of recipes be added @bjorn ?


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Awesome question - @Stephen is the one who leads these updates so he’s the best person to ask.



Ooooh @Stephen ?

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So I have been growing this one for 71 days and the plant has NO signs of flowers. I used the generic auto flower recipe and added a bunch of weeks on the flowering cycle. It is currently on Day 33/65 of Flowering. It is super bushy and leafy and has a lot of room left in the cabinet. Should I keep extending the flowering phase until flowers appear and/or should I do some heavy defoliation?

Thanks for the help!

So you chose an auto flower recipe, is your plant an auto?? If not, then that recipe will mess your plant up. How bout some pics :+1::v:


Sounds like you have a photoperiod.

I selected generic auto recipe for the grobo


Well, that is an auto :joy::joy: I do see she’s not very happy. Is your air stone putting our enough bubbles?? Also is one of your nute tubes pinched?

Both don’t seem to be an issue. Nute bottles are not filled and the air stone is bubbling. Should I trim some leaves?

Either your ph is off, your ec is off or she might be experiencing nute lockout. First I’d check the ph, should be right around 6.1-6.2 so she can uptake cal/mag specifically mag. How are your roots?? What is the water temp in your res? You could have root rot setting in. Lift lid feel roots. If dark and slimy that’s your issue. If it smells off, again root rot issue. If your res water is 72f or above then pithium is setting in and you need to drain, pull the plant lid roots and all and set it on top of a 5 gal bucket with ro ph’d water. Then you’ll have to sterilize your unit, and fill back up with clean ro ph’d water. Put plant back in add hydroguard, recharge, and revive to amend deficiencies :+1::v:

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No smell from the roots. pH is 6.2 and the roots look good. I went ahead and did some defoliation to make it less bushy.

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Looks good. Only thing I can see is maybe a salt buildup under the lid on the coco pod where it meets the tangs of the hole in lid. See what I’m talking about? Defoliating will def help. Ph is good. Weird. Only other suggestion would be to do a water change to flush out any salt buildup(if in fact that is salt buildup)


It does look like salt build up. I am going to rinse the pod with pH’d water. Here is post defoliation.


What the heck is salt buildup?! That’s the first post I’ve read on here about this!

********** Just kidding!***********

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I hope to grow this next you think the recipe might be off just curious