HELP! LED light in the inside of my grow box is out [RESOLVED]

Help my grobo LED light has been off and I’m not sure for how long. I checked everything that the support said and restarted my unit. Still no inside LED lights. I am in the middle of a grow. I wasn’t notified to when this issue happened from the app. Everything is working all the fans and water pump also the notification LED light is still working. I’m unsure what to do. @Stephen

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Uh oh… that doesn’t seem good.

I have heard of peoples’ LED’s dying on them already. If restarting the unit doesn’t work and the rest of the unit is working, it’s probably a fried LED. Grobo will replace it for you 100% but you’ll have to wait until it arrives and replace it yourself ><

That sucks man…

There is a small chance that some wiring came loose inside the Grobo but I couldn’t tell you how to fix it unfortunately, you’re gonna have to open a ticket at and see what they have to say :confused:


They just popped back on but I did start a ticket before then. Unfortunately, I think I will have to let my grow come to an end and start over. My little lady I don’t think will make it. She has a pinching affect on her stem and yellow leaves with brown tips. She has been struggling from jump. I think my coco pod is molding as well 15days down the drain :cry:


I take that back now the LED light went back out :weary:

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I haven’t had my unit a month and it’s starting to not add up to the amount of headache I’m getting from it. First day I received the unit I had to fix the problem of wires not being properly installed. Now, my LED light is out after 15 days the first problem happened. Now the LED light came on for one second then back off. If I wasn’t ending my grow my plant would surly die. I have to much anxiety for these many headaches to keep happening with a unit I just received.


Have you tried re-saving your light schedule settings?

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Yes, and completed two 30 second resets of the box.

How hot is the room with the grobo in it, do you have air conditioning?

There is an overheat sensor that will turn the light off if it’s getting too hot. It sounds like that might be happening here if it’s turning on/off/on/off throughout the day.


One thing you can try is opening the app and go to Settings > Change Light Settings and without changing anything, click/press Save. Sometimes this will trigger the Grobo to restart the lights.


I have an AC unit blowing down to the unit that’s set for 64. My room doesn’t get no hotter then 74 and the unit doesn’t hit over 80. I have a fan inside the unit facing the LED light at all times. I’ve never had heat issues other then my reservoir going up to 78 at the most. I have even taken out the carbon filter to see if the fan is still going and all is good on my end.

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I’ve tried that as well. Nothing!

That’s an easy one to rule out then! That’s a good move having it near the AC like that, I do the same.

Was it the wiring in the top part of the unit that you had to reconnect?

I’d probably take a closer look at the connections, perhaps one has come loose from when the door is open/closed. You can try fastening them with tape or something.

Also – this one definitely warrants a support ticket if you haven’t already!

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I have put in a ticket yesterday and no response yet. I’ve even added Stephen in this chat to maybe get something. No one has respond!

Another thing to think about is how humid it gets in your room. With the AC blowing cool air on the Grobo it could cause the metal to be cold enough to produce condensation on the circuits. Probably not the issue, but somethin to think about.

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No, the button wasn’t connected. I checked the whole unit for any lose wiring before starting my grown and I never moved it since.

I have a remote to control how hard or soft the air blows so that issue can kind of be contain but I see what you’re saying.

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Does anyone know if there’s times where support doesn’t respond to a ticket?

Weekends and Canadian holidays.

Hey @Mookie,

I’ve responded to your ticket just now, need more info from you as I’m not pulling up your unit with the email you’ve provided. From reviewing this thread, it sounds like your unit is experiencing an overheat and turning off for safety. As a generic troubleshooting tip, you can remove your carbon filter to ensure that your cross flow fan is spinning. That is the #1 cause of an overheating unit.

As a general rule of thumb, Grobo support answers all emails within 24 business hours of receiving them. It’s @Dani’s birthday today, so I’m a bit behind on answering everyone, but I’m still at it! We will be adding some weekend support soon, as our support team has expanded once again.

We will get you fixed up or replace the unit. We want you growing, not worried about light cycles eh?



@Stephen I have replied to your email with the correct email that is used for my unit. Just in case you don’t get the email here is in email again

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