Help browning, mag deficiency again what to do?

Help please, I know it’s the weekend already but I got some browning, suspect mag def. what can I do for her throughout the weekend?

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@chris_barfield what would you do about this big homie?

I already recalibrated the ph sensor, ordered Calmag but it only arrives on Sunday, in case the ph calibration didn’t help. The ph was a bit off, but back on track.

What was pH and for how long do you think it was “off”? Can you post a pic of your nutrient bottles showing what has been used and tell us what day of growth you are on?

Late veg. Day48.

She’s a short one. Extended late veg for the second time, she has been topped twice.

Edit: Ph was 6.6-6.7. can’t tell how long it was off, don’t usually check daily/weekly. But I just changed distilled water yesterday. And pruned her a bunch. Lol. Will do more often though in the future. As well as checking the ph sensor weekly.


Have you recently replaced bottle number 3? If not, that is 100% a problem, it should have dispensed far more than that by now. I also see a lot of bacteria/mold/algae growth on your the top of your pod. What is the temperature of the water in your reservoir and are you running any additives such as hydroguard or orca?

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No, I have not replaced bottle 3, what should I be doing about it? I thought she was stunted a bit but also though it was because of the topping. What nutes are bottle three?

Temp is 23.(didn’t take f measures, happier with c) no additives. Cooling her every night with an ice bag. (Into the reservoir.)

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That is definitely your problem

Check for kinks in the line (they mainly occur where the line goes through the cap and where the line goes through the wall into the Grobo). Identity where the blockage is, clear it, and immediately run a manual drain fill and then watch as your nutrients are dispensed to ensure that 3 does indeed pump out. If you are unable to get bottle three to dispense you will need to submit a ticket as it could be an issue with the pump motor itself. Begin marking your bottles at the level they are at after each drain fill (it takes a few minutes for them to pump so give them ten minutes or so before making the marks).


I think there was a blockage right by the cap, pinched it a bit, getting some refill water, or should I just check ec level and adjust?

Do water change to confirm that it dispenses my man. Your plant is going to REALLY appreciate it. Also if you have some Revive go ahead and add it to your water prior to filling. If not, order some and get it in there ASAP to get your plant back on track.

Advanced Nutrients 3950-14 Revive Fertilizer 1 Liter, Brown/A


I just changed the water, hopefully the nutes will get pumped through. I really appreciate your help my man. Can we be friends?

Grown in a long past away, but needed something less maintenance due to my travel scheldule, I guess corona changed all of that for me. :frowning:


Happy to help Brother, let me know if it works! I’m with you on that, I’m new to growing, Corona Gabe me the time to participate.

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@Djagos Did you recently replace bottle 3? If not that could be your problem.

Never mind, just read your comment about it possibly being pinched at the cap.

So I don’t think it did pump bottle three. Maybe @Stephen can chime in? Can you tell me how much to feed?

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Not sure if @Stephen can tell how much, pretty sure he can only tell if the pump for the bottle “pumped”. He may be able to tell by the EC levels if something’s missing.

Well I got a 0.9ec which seems really low.

Open a ticket and ask @Stephen to test the pump, mark the old level with a sharpie then check the level again after he tests the pump.

Ticket is already in. Just trying to get her over the weekend.

Didn’t dispense at all after clearing what you thought was a clog huh? If there is no clog. You’re most likely going to need to open up the side wall of the box (under the instruction of the Grobo team) and conduct a more in depth investigation as to why it isn’t pumping. For now, sit tight and wait for @Dani or @Stephen to respond to your ticket my man.