Help browning, mag deficiency again what to do?

hey @SWSVIC when do you normally do a pH reading? is it normally before or after a Drain/Fill?

I do both. I pH test and adjust (if necessary) solution before I fill and then I pH test the solution after draining to be sure Grobo is keeping it in check. Adding something to my system today that I am pretty excited about. Will post about it later :sunglasses:.


@Djagos one thing you can do to check to see if the tube was clogged is do a complete drain and fill. After the fill is done it will take a couple minutes, but you should see bottle 5 pump, followed by bottle 3, then bottle 4. Mark their starting level with a sharpie just in case you aren’t by your machine when the nutrients are pumped.

There have been several people who had issues with nutrients being pumped due to the pump needing to be primed. Doing a drain and fill can fix this.

He’s already tried it unfortunately, check out beginning of this thread.

@SWSVIC lol, once again I skimmed through a thread and didn’t read everything.


All good, we share an eagerness to help! Aside from the sense of fulfillment felt from lending someone a helpful hand, I find it to be a great way to accelerate my own education.