Have you smoked?

What’s your favorite strain atm?
Have you grown it yet, if so is it still your favorite and why.

A fee strains I want to grow include Jesn Guy out of Montreal but also this stuff we got a few weeks ago. Look how pretty she is.
Dr. Coughee white cheese hybrid
That’s some big buds.


I thoroughly enjoy all strains of Ak-47. I have grown with success. It’s my go-to… problems at work - AJ-47 fixes that. Wife’s making meatloaf… Ak-47 :slight_smile:

I believe I’ll be running 1024 as my first grow in the grobo when I receive it and my first time growing that strain.

Not so fun Fact - 1024 is the maximum number of computer memory addresses that can be referenced with ten binary switches. This is the origin of the organization of computer memory into 1024-byte chunks or kilobytes. In binary notation, 1024 is represented as 10000000000, but as a name that just isn’t as snappy, so 1024 it is! :wink:


@Todd.grobo Id like to see the stats on that! Where did you get that? Can’t wait to see everyone post in this thread, it sure would help a person who doesn’t smoke!

I certainly hope your wife isn’t an allgrowers member because that was seriously hilarious!!! Thanks I needed that!

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Seedsman has a 1024


Medical Seeds 1024 is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. 1024 combines all; taste, production, presence, it is the perfect plant. It’s indoor growing period is 2-3 weeks and its indoor flowering period is 75-80 days. Outdoor harvest is mid October. It’s THC is strong between 20%- 25%. If conditions are optimal it can be over 23% THC. Defining its taste is not easy, it combines different nuances, all at the same time sweet, azmicle, spicy, fruity.


VARIETY Mostly Sativa
SEX Feminised
YIELD Indoors: 600 gr/m2 and Outdoors: up to 1kg gr/plant
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 75 - 80 days

Ha! She most definitely is not on AG, but will take advantage of all the hard work my grobo does. Its no secret how I feel about meatloaf night


I got my 1024 from gyo. The plant will require LST and a home-made trellis. I intend to experiment with my first grow in the grobo. Will be adding and monitoring co2, utilizing BioRoot the first few water fills and advanced nutes flawless flushing to improve yells, quality and taste. (I’m aware the grobo does this for me - for the most part)

Plant Type:Mostly Sativa

Genetics: Mostly Sativa - can’t get the genetics page to load properly, sorry

Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse

Yield Range Indoor:Average Heavy

THC Range:Very High

CBD Range:Medium

Plant Height Range Outdoor:Very Tall

Harvest Time Northern Hemisphere:Mid October

Flowering Weeks Indoor:10-12 weeks

Flowering Style:Photoperiod

Cup Winner:No

Maximum Indoor Yield:600 g/m2

Maximum Outdoor Yield:1000 g/plant

THC Content:20 - 25%

Plant Height Outdoor (cm):200 - 250cm


Would’ve posted a link, but I get an error suggesting I cannot. I also picked up some others as well as a bunch of freebies that I cropped out of this pic. Thoughts or opinions are welcome.


Yeah for sure. We buy cannabis from a store here in calgary that requires membership. They by far have the beat pricing quality and selection. With stores like new leaf and coop selling strains I am thinking I will be able to snag some of the medical stuff we smoke such as wappa, jean guy a big favorite with a funny story and dr coughee. These are consistently ones that we favor due to quality of product and how it makes us feel. We smoke and eat what we get.

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I just got handed a sample bag of Lemon Haze and I love it. Also I enjoyed Super Silver Haze alot and also NYC Diesel.
Out of some coincidence, the sample bag had ‘Blue Gelato 41’ written on it, I googled it and was amazed by the average yields it can bring to the table. Blue Gelato 41 is said to yield 3! Kilos outdoors and about 700g per square meter. those numbers sound insane to me. I am looking forward to eventually test it, but for now I just gotta wait and see till I can get growing.


Cool beans! I live on a block that is half residential that leads to several blocks of business stretch. The entire business is like a country block that recently has been turned into the now referred label as the “Green Mile” because they bought up everything and put in a dispensary with like four buildings and acres on acres of growing land. Just opened this month. I will post info soon.

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I’m growing Jean Guy right now

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Is it your first time growing that strain? Who is the breeder and where can it be found?


My favorite strains would be Jack Herer for sativa and Charlie Sheen for indica (though it’s technically a hybrid).

Haven’t been able to find seeds for Charlie locally.






My favorite strain right now is called Biscotti. I took this picture because she is so beautiful :grin:
I hope they sell Biscotti seeds someday.
Its from Connected Cannabis Co. In California


That is probably so good! Do you know the parent strains?

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It’s Gelato 25 & South Florida OG.