Hack For Low (edit: Raising) Humidity

Haven’t tested how long the effects last for, but I was having trouble keeping my humidity above 42% (with two humidifiers in my livingroom) and accidentally found a way to raise it. I’m on day 3 of germination and my pod seemed dry so I took a spray bottle I had on hand and misted it lightly. When I went to check on the temp & rh level 15 mins later, the humidity had jumped up to 51%! So I sprayed a light mist on the walls and when I checked again the humidity had went up to 62%!

Might try a wet cloth next since the moisture will last longer. I know a small desktop humidifier is an option, but I’m holding off til I’m sure I need it (we only have 1 more month of winter here before wet spring rolls in).

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Be careful that your mist doesn’t’t breed mold but, I think a wet paper towel on top of your pod temporarily might be ok.
Mostly go by what your plant is telling you, the numbers are just a guideline.


Good point, I’ll make sure to watch it closely. Maybe I’ll wipe the walls down with disinfectant wipes every couple of days too just to be safe!


Use alcohol to wipe down, chemical free.


Will do, thanks!


Update: While the wet paper towel over the pod was helping create a more humid environment for my seed, now that a seedling has emerged I’ve ordered this mini humidifier for $14. It’s just over 2.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall and runs for up to 10 hours PLUS they provide free replacements for a year if needed.



Wanted to add: since the purpose of sufficient humidity levels is to allow the leaves to intake water from the air (at least from what I read on here), I’ve been misting (not spraying) my seedling with water while I wait for my mini humidifier.

This is my baby so far, Day 8 :blush:


She’s looking :+1: good! Wipe up any drops of water in your grobo to keep from having issues (bugs, mold).


I was so excited to take the pic lol, but I did wipe it right after



((#ItIsAlive)): :innocent:

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