Grow Tent Automation Project

Im sure you do just fine! It might look fancy atm but it hasn’t grown a plant yet! lol

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The first week of curing I set my timer for every 12 hours turn on 15 mins (2 times a day)

then week 2 to 3 I changed to 15 mins every 24 hours (1 time a day)

week 4 I changed my time to every 2 days 15 mins

Week 5 until today still… 1 time a week 15 mins run

Timing depends on RH valve in your jars… Once my RH valves dropped below 55% I added 62% boveda packs in the jars…

I should add that I also every few days tapped the jars with the lid on to unstick the buds…

What is different with my setup is

I used this tool to make holes in the airline

My fresh air in line is longer it wraps around the jar with a plug on the end not the best picture but it’s what I have on hand

My final setup looks like this

I found that placing one check valve outside of the jar allowed for more room in the jar

I found that after about 10 - 12 jars going with that air pump it’s close to maxed (but I guess it depends on what your check valves open at)

I found that I got 100% seal with rubber grommets by putting the check valves in the rubber grommets… I tried with the hose and had leaks but that depends on the size of your rubber grommets your using…

That’s about it honestly your setup maybe 100% fine just sharing my trial and error


Your GUI setup looks really nice so far


Thats much better, you’re getting distributed airflow all around… I will have to do that, thanks for the tip.


One thing I forgot to say… When you burp many jars at the same time look out!!! The smell is OMG great but it can really make your house smell…

I fixed that problem by Adding a 6" carbon filter in my room on a timer to start when burping starts and it runs for 1 hour after burp is complete… Just a tip if your looking to kill the smell


Grow tent has some tenants finaly, 2 Big Blue Devil Autos and a seed I got from a batch I bought at the dispensary. I wish I could remember what it is. lol


A little photo update, after moving the first 3 from the grobo start to the tent the two big ones looked pretty stressed, I let them go too long but they might make a come back as they started looking a lot greener lately. I added one more today and the other one that wasn’t as big did really go through the transition.


Are these’s plants Auto’s?? I see buds. Unless this was a photo clone getting 12 hours of light?

I love the moister reader in the soil


Yes they a Big Blue Devil Autos.

Yes it’s been useful as I can see if a soul is higher and it has temp so I can gauge how they are positioned under the lights. I didn’t plan it that way but it works.


Ok so a little plant photo update, mind you as a test and doing nothing other than adding water into the main tank every 2 weeks this is where we are at… What do you think?


What kind of water are you adding?

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RO water to the holding tank that feeds all the pots.

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Looked like Ro water to me

The plant in Veg looks nice.

The plants in flower look like they maybe short on Cal/mag. It’s hard to say for sure without a close up. Are you adding any source of cal/mag?

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The two in flower are Autos and when I went from the grobo start to the Super Soil I think it shocked them into flower early if thats a thing, the 2 smaller ones in front I transferred them much sooner when they barely had roots. They actually look better than they did before, I just figured Id let them run wild and see. But if you think that would help I would definitely try.

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If your growing them in Super Soil and the plan is water only (unless top dress is needed). You should always put your minerals back into your RO water… It removed all of them… Also you should use a OMRI certified Cal / Mag because synthetic version will hurt your supersoil… Option 2 is most town water has Cal/mag in it already… You can use that just you need to Gas off the chlorine (if used by your town).

The plant in Veg looks spot on… The ones in flower look a bit off but the picture is to far away to tell 100% what… Maybe it was what you said transplant shock

Hope this helps

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Yes that helps a lot, So the water tank lasts about 2 weeks, maybe I will use tap water and I would think after a couple of days the chlorine is gone by the time it gets to plants…
Most likely I will also get some cal/mag OMRI to see how they respond. Its a good learning process for me here.


The plants in flower isn’t Cal/Mag from what I see now… New growth looks better (I think it came out of it) but still it’s good practice to add Cal/Mag to RO always… Best way to gas off town water is a air pump with bubblier. (no lid on tank in a dark place) perfect world


ok I gotcha on the Cal/Mag, I had an idea to add an air-stone to that tank and I bought everything to do it. Looks like I have a reason to get going on that one.


A little tent update, everything is going strong. The Autopot XLs seem to be working very good. I started the Cal Mag and some CO2 which they seem to really be thriving now.


Plants is Veg look really nice… How long have the others been in flower? I see the pistils getting riper