Grow Tent Automation Project

I was wondering if anyone has automated their Grow room or tent?
Not just taking reading but having full control and monitoring. The system can dose and react as needed. Much like the grobo but on a larger scale? My business is Home automation and controls so this is up my alley. I saw this on a forum and gave me some ideas on how to expand on it. I was wondering if anyone has interest or has done similar?


Both @Mpower11 @chris_barfield and myself all automate our tent. I believe we are all using the Hydro X by Trolmaster to do so.

Your tool has a really nice UI, looks great!


That product is very nice! Couple questions on it.
Do they sell all the probes and is it plug and play? Does it do reactive programming, for instance, if its too hot it increase fan speeds, if my RO water supply is low it will fill it.
PH is low it will auto dose the water? Im just curious what’s already out there and what they are selling for.

Also I can’t take credit for doing what’s in the photo that was from a forum and they are doing the same project…

How about this as well lol So I can see how much light is getting to the plants…


Yes it’s plug and play and Scalable. You can control multiple grow tents environments at the same time with it.

Yes it is reactable based on input values, turning a device on and off depending on values and also you can get some controllers to turn off when other devices turn on and vice versa.

They have plug and play parts to automate and control the PH as well, that one is called Aqua X by Trolmaster

Also the Hydro X comes with a CO2 controller, all you need to do is buy the add-on sensors and plug them in to use.


First off nice Ui :+1:

Yes for the most part it’s plug in press the address button then set your paramter.

Hydro X has a temp offset for on and off only… Default is 3 offset

If your looking for variable speed control I believe you have to buy the Hydro X Pro… I want one really bad but I don’t have 2k to spend on that controller at this time :frowning:

But it all honestly I really don’t think variable speed control is needed (at least for me it isn’t)

No it doesn’t but question unless your flushing why would you want to do this?

Aqua X monitor’s Ph only and EC only (and more)


Does it also have an app or wifi cloud access?


Thanks for that info,
The RO was just an example where there are float monitors. I was considering starting with soil and using Autopot gravity feed for water and then in the main tank monitor the PH and water level. I wouldn’t have to refill it.

The fan speed variable can be done rather easily using HVAC zone ramping fans.

That sounds like an awesome system with Hydro X. I have no problem spending the money but its the programmer in me that likes the challenge… I could make this under 500.00 with a whole lot of time and testing.

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@Vicc I have to added to this

Hydro X is 1 room only

Hydro X Pro can do multiple grow rooms

Aqua X monitors only no control for EC or Ph

You can control irrigation timing… Mine you the Hydro X can also


Hydro X is app only

Hydro X Pro is app and Web based

Both on the cloud

The HYDRO X is a great value then. I was focused on the PRO model.

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Hydro X is a great controller for the price but you will not have full automation for under $500 using trolmaster

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I understand what you mean just for me not sure it it’s needed that’s all. Cool deal tho :+1:

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Does a night vision camera with IR night Vision affect the growth of plants?

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Is there anything that you wish you could do that you can’t with Hydro?
I was also wondering, does it compile and hold data for all the readings or does that system just show you the stats at that moment and react to them?

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@Mpower11 are you sure about hydro x only controlling 1 room? Because I have a friend who is using one and controlling 4 tents with it. It’s not the pro just the Hydro X. I seen it in action in person and know how to set it up that way.

I am building mines to be used the same way as my friends

You can also get solenoid controllers for the Aqua X to control the PH


I’m 100% positive you can only have 1 temperature / rh/ Co2 sensor with the hydro X meaning you can have 4 rooms but they will all run off that one sensor which wouldn’t make sense to run it this way.

Example you can’t have a veg room and flower room running off the same sense wouldn’t work for lighting etc

Please let me know how he is going it?

To my understanding the solenoid controls is for watering zones. Please let me know how is controlling ph with solenoid I’m interested


@Mpower11 try looking into using the network expansion ports. When you add more sensors to them, more will show up on your app

You can have 2 seperate light controllers while still using different temp sensors to control each tent with the 2 different light cycles.

With both the hydro x and aqua x, and some networking, you can automate an entire grow house. Which is one of my summer projects. My friend runs several houses with these controllers.

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But you are right with the PH controller, my friend says he uses the solenoid controllers for his mixer controller.

He controls his PH pretty much the same way as I do, he uses a 3rd party controller.

I use the Milwaukee Instrument.

He confirmed with me that he uses 1 hydro x to control an enite house operation. It’s the same one that I have, which is not the pro.

The network expansion add-ons is required to expand


Can you supply me with the Trol master part number because I have a project in mind for multi zones control…

I have done a lot of research and testing with Trol master Hydo x and Aqua X and everything I found says single zone only…

And to be total honestly even if you by the Pro is only support “Sub Zones”

I wish I knew how to do this because Hydro X supports only 1 temp sensor… Yes you can hook up 2 lights actually you can hook up more than 2 in parallel but still only 1 temp sensor…

Sure you can do this but it’s not Aqua X

Are you sure this is a trol master part?? Please show me I want this if I’m wrong

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@Mpower11 this network switch adapter is all you need to add more sensors

My buddy uses 1 hydro x to control 4 tents. He says he also uses it to control an entire house before as well.

I will try this out during the summer after we move and I can come back with more details. But I have seen it in action with multiple tents and a single unit. Not a pro unit

Trolmaster doesn’t have much online instructions as is